Down & Dirty

TULANEGREENWAVE.COM Senior offensive lineman Michael Parenton talks about opening Camp Toledo 2008.
Senior offensive lineman Michael Parenton talks about opening Camp Toledo 2008.

Aug. 7, 2008

The day has arrived. After what seemed to be an endless summer, we finally reported to camp. For those of you who have never experienced this; the day typically consists of sweating profusely while trying to move in such items as a mini fridge, television, bedding, etc. up several flights of stairs (of course there are no elevators). Once the move in is complete and you arrive at your room and are greeted by the welcoming sight of the traditional dorm bed- twin in size and paper-thin. The freshmen won't notice any of these problems because their heads are already scrambled with thoughts of what their first day as a collegiate athlete will entail. I will admit that the process is a little easier to take when entering your final year. The feeling of accomplishment as you approach your final season definitely outweighs the spoils of moving in.

After the move in is complete, the day is filled with meetings on top of meetings. The meetings we sit through are a formality for every NCAA team. Administrators, Complaince, Trainers, Media Relations, Equipment Staff, and Weight Room staff each take time to brief the team on rules and regulations for the upcoming year. Paperwork is also filled out in large quantities. Sounds like fun right... The beginning of our day has been about as interesting to us as the first part of the blog will be to you as you read this. Now for the good stuff.

The team meeting finally arrives. Football becomes the priority at this meeting. The team expectations and goals are established by Coach Toledo and Staff. We have had a productive summer in the weightroom. With more people able to attend summer school, we were able to get more people working out on a consistent basis in the weightroom and on the field. Because of our progress throughout the spring and summer, we feel confident about the upcoming season. The media has tabbed us to do practically nothing this year. We disagree. We have 29 practices to prepare for the season, veterans must take leadership and those in position to contribute must step up. Personally, I can't wait for tomorrow so we can get this season started. In my opinion, it pretty much started the day after the ECU game last year when everyone dedicated themselves to ending the upcoming season the way we wanted, not at home but rather enjoying the experience of making a bowl game.



Thanks for reading and stay tuned -
Michael Parenton