Coach Toledo's Comments Following Monday's Practice



Aug. 18, 2008

On having to move a scheduled afternoon practice to the morning
"It's hard because you're watching The Weather Channel and you're trying to beat the lightning. It hasn't hurt us from a practice standpoint because we are only going to have one practice. All we have to do is move what we had scheduled for the afternoon to the morning and move our morning plans back to the afternoon. We got it in. That's my main concern that we got the practice in. I don't like moving things around. I like being pretty consistent, but they said there might be lightning this afternoon and I didn't want to take a chance."

On his team's overall performance on Monday
"I think we did some good thing. We woke them up a little bit, calling a `sudden change' right after PAT/field goal. That's a scrimmage situation, and then we had an inside run drill where we didn't huddle. We just went on the line, called plays, lined up the No. 1 defense and said `Here are the plays.' We just ran the plays and that was part of a conditioning thing. We also had some scrimmage situations today where we actually did some live scrimmaging. I thought, for the most part, they did a nice job. We've got a ways to go because No. 1, we're putting in a lot of things, and No. 2, we've got a lot of young guys - including freshmen - that really don't know everything. It's hard. It's not a game-plan week where we limit the number of things you do and you rep those things. This is about learning the playbook. There's a lot to learn and a lot to do out here."

On the team's performance on defense
"I think they were flying around. In the middle drill, it's all run, and in the passing drills, it's all pass. It's a little easier there. The key is how they respond when it's a normal situation in a scrimmage in run/pass. We're doing a lot of things. We're pressuring a lot and hopefully, we can hold up coverage-wise."

On the performance of freshman fullback Kasey Stelly so far in preseason camp
"He's lighting people up. I'll tell you what. He's given three concussions to guys. He's broken some helmets and several face masks. He is really doing an outstanding job. He's learning pretty fast. He can block like heck. He can catch the football. He's going to play a lot of football here."



On if Stelly's performance has been a bit of a surprise
"We knew he could block. We didn't know how good of a blocker he was going to be, but he's not afraid to stick it in there and knock people out. A lot of freshmen can be timid and shy. He's not timid and shy at all. He's going to bring it."

On if Stelly's play has provided inspiration for some of the other freshmen
"I think they see that. It's like I was telling the guys out there (after practice), show us. And he's showing us. There are a lot of freshmen that are going to play for us this year. I think majority of them are going to play."

On having Kadeem Taylor and Emmanuel Aluko on the field on Monday
"They're both out there, but they're both still in that transitionary period where they can only have helmets and shoulder pads on. (Taylor) will be able to go in full pads on Wednesday. (Aluko) has been cleared to practice, they are evaluating everything and he'll know before school starts. In their opinion, they feel very good about it at this point."