Aug. 17, 2007

Alrighty then!! I'm back and ready to roll. In case you were wondering if I enjoyed my "No Media Day" yesterday, the answer is undoubtedly "hell yea!" However, a lot has happened since then and I need to say a few things.

There are many things in this world that I don't understand. For instance, why does the offense go on "hut," and not something spunkier like "boing" or something? I guess I'll never understand much about offense people, except that you can always count on them being offensive.

Like today when Troy Kropog told me in the weight room that I should stop writing. This surprised me, but before I could even reach, Michael Parenton clarified Troy's statement. He said that what Troy really meant was that I should cut off both of my hands so I could never write anything ever again! Now that wasn't very nice.

Sarah, I wish that I can tell you how I proceeded to lay the smack down on these two blasphemers while finishing my set of bicep curls, but I can not...for two reasons. First, I didn't lay the smack down on them because I couldn't come up with a witty reply in time. Second, I wasn't really doing bicep curls. I was actually slacking and trying not to be seen. I do want to add, however, that my biceps are very defined and plump. Maybe Troy and Mike are just jealous of me because of my guns!

Now don't get me wrong, Troy and Mike are nice guys and sometimes I do deserve some harassment from time to time - but not always. For example, when the other players start talking about their recruiting stories while I am present, now that's just not cool. Where were the recruiters when I was in high school? After every game when I was at Fordham Prep, all everyone ever told me was, "Don't worry Dave, they'll be her next week." Well everyone was wrong! They never came!!!! (Have you ever seen Euro Trip?) And that really hurt my feelings, Sarah.

I know you wouldn't expect it from a dominating, muscular, well-rounded, highly-sophisticated, handsome, and soon-to-be-very-single man like myself, but that made me cry. It's like The Big Lebowski said in the movie, ironically enough called The Big Lebowski, "Strong men cry, too."

Thanks for listening and hopefully, I'm not going to be single for too long,
Desperately Seeking Skehan