Quotes Following Friday's Football Practice



Aug. 17, 2007


On the defense's performance on Friday
"I think their attitude is really good. The coaches are coaching them hard and they are responding to it. We're working hard on our conditioning where we want them running to the ball. I think they're doing a nice job. They want to win and they're making a good effort."

On the defense looking better than the offense on Friday
"The reason being is, No. 1, we keep adding things (on offense). We're trying to get in as much in as we can over the first two weeks. So from a mental standpoint, there are some things that are difficult. But the biggest problem is we have some guys who are nicked up and they guys who are going in there don't know what to do. They're guys that missed spring ball, didn't pay attention or their young guys and they're making a bunch of mistakes. That's what made it look bad, but they're not the ones that are going to play right now."

On the intensity of the alley drill being at a higher rate on Friday
"You see that drill happen all over the field. Guys on offense have to sustain blocks while defensive guys have to get off blocks and go make the tackle. That's what the drill is all about and it's a physically-demanding drill. I think when you first start out, it's difficult. Then all of the sudden, they get the hang of it, they get better fundamentally and that's when you've got something."

On his assessment of the first week of preseason practice
"We got a lot in. I'm very pleased. We got a lot of things in and I think we're better right now than when we ended spring practice. I think there are some freshmen out here that we had a chance to look at, and I've been impressed with several of them."

On the team holding its first two-a-day practice on Saturday
"It's something they haven't been through with us yet. What we'll do is we'll go 18 periods in the morning and 12 in the afternoon. The thing we'll do in the final hour of the afternoon is we'll go through a situational-type of scrimmage and run through some game-time situations."