Quotes Following Thursday Afternoon's Football Practice



Aug. 16, 2007


Overall thoughts on Thursday's practice
"It was a much better day. It was amazing. They kind of settled down a bit. Yesterday was the first day in full gear, and they all wanted to run around and hit people. They were just out of control. Today, they actually got better."

On if he thinks a second day in full pads may have played a factor in the success of practice
"Yesterday, they were a little hyper. They just calmed down and concentrated on playing football. We had a pretty good talk last night during our team meetings and I explained to them that you can't just run around out there like a chicken with your head cut off. You've got to learn more football and be more disciplined. I thought they did a nice job of responding."

On if he implemented any new scenarios on Thursday
"We'll do something I call `sudden change' in practice and I'll put the ball on the 25 yard. With that, I'm trying to accomplish two things - simulate a turnover and an overtime period. I'll do it any time, even after we finish stretching. I'll blow the whistle, yell `sudden change', and we'll go up and start scrimmaging."

On if he works things differently in red-zone drills
"The field is compressed a little bit and they have to realize that. Offensively, you can't be throwing a lot of deep balls. Defensively, the defensive backs have a habit of wanting to back pedal into the endzone. They have to know where they are on the field because if you back pedal deep into the endzone and they catch it in front of you, it's still a touchdown. It's just being aware of where you are on the field."

On the weather being much cooler on Thursday
"It was pleasant out there today. We were very fortunate. It's been brutally hot and I think our players have done a good job of fighting through it. But today was nice. It was actually workable, and that might have been part of the reason that it was as successful as it was. They were able to concentrate more and not feel as sorry for themselves."