Aug. 14, 2007

Dear Sarah,

Today was a fun day. My legs felt great, the leg muscles I mean. My legs are actually sort of hairy and probably coarse to the touch...but anyway. Since my legs felt good, practice was easy today. It was a little hot, but I made a great discovery to help me cope with the heat.

You see, when the sun shines on the dark green turf with black rubber pellets, it gets very hot (see Mr. Wizard, I told you I was paying attention!) and our feet burn tremendously. So whenever I have some time, I stand in the little shade provided by either the goal post or a water bottle in order to cool down my feet. It works very well, but it makes me feel like an iguana or some other cold-blooded lizard.

When I put this connection together, I started to wonder what it would be like to be a cold-blooded animal, but then I had to go in on punt drills. Practice can get in the way of some brilliant ideas sometimes.

Well, to make what could be an unnecessarily long story short, today went well. And besides the minor heat, I have no complaints.

Good Night,

(about five minutes later)

Sarah, are you sleeping? I hope I didn't wake you up, but I just couldn't go to sleep with this on my mind. I was trying to be nice, but I do have another complaint. They gave Joe (Goosby) his own personnel group again!!!! First, the old coaching staff made him the "Buffalo" back and now, he's the "Tiger" back. I have feelings too, you know! Where's my personnel group? Where's my cool position nickname?

I think I might request one, except I don't want some corny name like "Tiger" or "Buffalo". I want to be called the "Phoenix", or even better, the "Peacock".

Well, sorry for waking you up. Now that I got that off my chest, we can both go back to sleep.

Proud as a Peacock,