Quotes Following Wednesday's Two-A-Day Practice



Aug 14, 2013

Head Coach Curtis Johnson

On the morning practice
"I thought the defense played very well. Besides the beginning of the run/play-action period, I thought the defense dominated the practice. We had some third-down situations and I didn't feel the quarterbacks executed very well. The offensive line has to get a little better at what they're doing, but I just thought Lorenzo Doss was outstanding. Chris Davenport, we couldn't block him. I think that's going to be a problem for everybody. Today was a defensive day."

On the afternoon's practice session
"This afternoon, we did more special teams. After the special teams period, we ran around a little bit and got some execution down. We did a little bit of red zone too."

On moving tomorrow's practice to Turchin Stadium
"I think we need some outside. We're getting a little spoiled being here in the Dome and over at the Saints. It's time for us to get outside and get in the heat a little bit. I hear it's going to rain tomorrow, but that's okay. We're going to play in some rainy weather, so we'd better play in it in practice."

Senior Cornerback Jordan Sullen

On being back on the field after a year away from the game
"It's been a great experience being back with these guys. I think most people get it confused thinking that I'm coming in with a brand new group, but what they fail to realize is that I was with them last spring and I was able to be here and kind of mentor some of these guys. It's always been a dream of mine to play with these guys and this defensive backfield. Right now, I just feel that the chemistry that we have and the family that we're building within the defensive backs is unmatched. It's something that I've never really been a part of and I feel that it's going to be really special this year."



On if the younger players come to him for advice
"They do. We talk about a little bit of everything, especially with the deal that happened to Devon (Walker). We always talk about things like that. Just a few weeks ago, we were able to travel out to Destrehan and we spent some time with him. We just shot the breeze with him and let him know that we're there for him. We want to let him know that we don't want to be there in a sense of pity for him but to let him know that we're all still family and treat him like nothing ever happened. Even some of the younger guys who never met him, we brought them there to meet him and it was a pleasure for him to meet them as well."

On what he is looking forward to about the 2013 season
"I feel like we're going to be flying to the ball, especially as a defense. As a defensive backfield, I feel like we're going to take a lot of things out of the air. There's crazy speed out there, especially on the outside, and I know that we're going to be able to lock down some of the better receivers in the country."

Junior Offensive Lineman Adam Skidmore

On how camp has been so far
"It's been a tough camp, I think, for everyone on the offensive line. I started off on the second team, and every position along the offensive line is up for grabs, and I worked my way up. I'm working with the first team now, but that's not my position. It's no one's position. It can change this afternoon. Every position is up for battle."

On playing this season with a new quarterback
"Ryan (Griffin) is not going to be back there. He brought a lot of knowledge to the game, but Nick (Montana) and Devin (Powell) have been working and we haven't had any problems so far. The communication is between us. We still have to pick up blitzes and twists. That's on the offensive line. That's on us. That's not on the quarterbacks."

On if the running backs being a strength of the team is putting pressure on the o-line to succeed
"Absolutely. We want them to perform and they can't do their job without us doing our job. There is a heavy emphasis on the run game. We weren't very good at running the ball last year. We want to be good this year. We want our running backs to have great seasons."

On moving tomorrow's practice outside
"It doesn't matter inside or outside, to be honest with you. It's hot out, but when we play games it's going to be hot out. We have games inside, and both are good to get. It's good to be in both situations."