Quotes Following Day 11 Of Preseason Football Practice



Aug 13, 2013

Head Coach Curtis Johnson

Overall thoughts on Tuesday's practice
"I thought it was outstanding. We ran around well. We played hard. We just have to stay off the ground. I just like the enthusiasm. The way we've been running around has been good."

On how his depth chart is shaping up at this point
"I'm just trying to figure out who can do what, what plays they can do what in, in what personnel groups and in what packages. That's the main thing and I think we're getting closer to it."

On who has stood out in camp so far
"I like the defensive line. They're playing well. They're playing like they're ready to roll. We didn't play as well as we could have last year, but I think they're starting to play well. Offensively, those running backs have been outstanding."

On his goals for the remainder of the week
"I think we're going to finish our installs this week. I promised those guys we'd have a controlled scrimmage, and we will. After that, we'll get into next week and start working on Jackson State."

Redshirt-Freshman Quarterback Devin Powell

On how camp has been going
"Camp is going by pretty well. Sometimes we have some ups and downs, and that happens during the game. Sometimes, you just have to pick it up. Today went pretty well. Everything was good."

On being the only returning quarterback with experience at Tulane
"As a quarterback, you always have to have command of the team, in the huddle and everything. I like to take charge of it and get towards my goal and achieve that."

On the offense as a whole
"I think we are very good. We've got a lot of experienced people that came back. Everything has been executed quick and fast. Everything has been going great and I think Coach CJ loves that."



Sophomore defensive end Aaron Bryant

On how camp has been so far
"Camp has been great this year. We have depth and that means competition. We've been able to push each other and we're all getting better."

On the improvement show by the defensive line in the preseason
"We're only as strong as our weakest link. That's what Coach reiterates day in and day out, so we have to pull the guys up who need more help than others. But we're all coming together as a group."

On the defense as a unit
"As a whole, I feel that we have a great group of guys coming back. We have guys are flying to the ball. Guys are getting to their assignments much better this year. Fall camp has done wonders for us."