Quotes Following Day Two Of Tulane's Fall Football Practice



Aug. 12, 2007


On if he thought the practice was at a higher tempo than Saturday's opening practice
"I thought we did. We had a little meeting last night and I expressed that I was displeased with the conditioning and the effort out here. They needed to pick it up because we are behind. I thought they picked up the tempo. I was really pleased."

On what he meant when saying the team is behind
"We're the last team to start, so we're behind everybody else right now. We've got to do a lot of catching up. That's what that means."

On his team responding to the challenge to pick things up for Sunday
"The thing that you want as a head coach is when you say something to them, you want them to respond to what you say. If they don't, then you've got some problems. They responded today and I was pleased with that."

On what his focus was for Sunday's practice
"Football is a lot of different situations. Today, we worked on what we call possession downs - third down and four-to-six yards to go. It's not a short-yardage situation but it's not a long-yardage situation either. It's kind of in between. So I call it a possession down. On offense, you've got to throw and catch or run for a four-yard gain to make a first down and keep possession. The defense has to get a stop and get off the field. Today, it was exactly half and half - three completions and three incomplete."

On if he thought anyone or any one aspect of the team stood out over the first two days of practice
We don't have pads on so it's hard to evaluate who's doing what. But I thought again that there was great carry-over from the spring. The kids understand what we're trying to do offensively. Now it's a matter of executing things. We had a lot of dropped balls and a lot of bad passes. We've got to execute and we've got to make routine plays.

On the long completion from Kevin Moore to Casey Robottom that ended practice
"That was great at the end. That was really great. I tell you, that was a nice throw by Moore and a nice catch. Something we've been working on is the deep ball. We haven't been throwing the deep ball, particularly in the spring. They spent some time this summer and getting the ball out there, keeping it away from the safety and keeping it down the sideline. They did a nice job there and it was a heck of a way to end practice."

On the play of Casey Robottom in the spring and so far in fall practice
"He's got excellent hands. When we go three wide receivers, a lot of times he's going to be in that three-wide receiver mix. He's been working very hard."