Head Coach Bob Toledo's Comment's Following Monday's Practice



Aug. 11, 2008

On having practice cut short due to inclement weather
"It's hard to get a lot done. We go out there and we have a few periods - five or six. We're out there for about half an hour and we get lightning. We have to come in for half an hour. We go back out and get lightning again and we have to come back in. We didn't get much accomplished. Our freshmen had to take their final tests today, but we knew that was going to happen and we had a plan for that. But you don't have a plan for when it continues to rain and lightning. What can you do?"

On what he added to the arsenal on Monday
"We did kickoff return today and tomorrow we'll do kickoff. We're trying to do different segments of the game. We did our `coming out' offense today where the defense has to try and hold them down there and the offense has to try and get out and at least make a first down. We did six plays there, but we didn't get in any team work today. We did some middle drill and did some seven-on-seven and one-on-one, but it's frustrating. It's hard to get better when you can't practice."

On if he is pleased with the team's performance through the third practice of the preseason
"I'm pleased with the attitude and the effort of the players. They're running around and they're doing good things. There's a lot better understanding than a year ago. But we've got a bunch of guys nicked up and dinged up, particularly in the secondary. We were counting on a bunch of freshmen to come in and help us, and they're banged up so they're not practicing. We just don't have a lot of depth at some of those positions right now and that's part of recruiting. We just have to continue to recruit and get better players."

On taking the field in shells for the first time in 2008
"It's not full gear and we're not bringing guys to the ground, but you can obviously get a lot more work done in helmets and shoulder pads than you can with just helmets. I think, for the most part, they did alright. You can run around a little more full speed and bang into each other with shoulder pads. So I was pleased with that. We just didn't get enough of it."