Quotes Following Day 8 Of Preseason Football Practice



Aug. 10, 2013

Redshirt-Freshman Running Back Lazedrick Thompson

On his performance during Saturday's scrimmage
"Coach put me in and I was able to find a hole and get a couple of runs in. I should have scored on two or three of them but I've got to learn to pick my knees up. That's something I've got to work on."

On how camp has gone so far
"Camp has been pretty good so far. We've been working hard every day, coming out every morning and trying to get it in and get ready for Jackson State."

On the running backs as a group
"We've all got a little bit of experience in. We're all good at each level. Rob Kelley, Orleans Darkwa, Josh Rounds, Danté Butler - they're all coming back in full force. Then we've got Sherman Badie, he's doing well too."

On being able to practice indoors
"It's like a tease to us. We come out here and practice inside, and then Coach brings us out (to a local field) and it's hot out there. I enjoy it every time we come out here."

Senior Linebacker Kyle Davis

On how the scrimmage went
"I knew the youngsters wanted to get their chance to play today, so I just knew that when I got in that I had to make the best of it."

On how camp is going so far
"Camp, for me, is going really well. Right now, I'm taking it on point to teach the young guys the plays to make sure they're ready for when we go (play). I'm mentoring the younger guys and making sure they're ready."



On what he expects for week two of preseason practice
"In the second week of camp, the veterans are probably going to step up a lot more. You see Dominique Robertson making a great play to get a ball today. The DBs - Sam Scofield and Darion Monroe - they're doing what needs to be done in the back. I'm really excited."

On getting a chance to practice indoors
"Aw man, it's beautiful. Any chance we get to get inside, you've got to make the most of it because it's a privilege. It's not a right and they can easily make us go outside on the baseball field in 100-degree heat and our cleats melting, and we'd have no choice but to go out there."