Quotes Following Day 5 Of Preseason Football Practice



Aug. 7, 2013

Head Coach Curtis Johnson

Overall thoughts on Wednesday's practice
"I thought today was good. It was our first day in pads. I thought the defense flew around more. They got some opportunities to hit and make some tackles, so we finally got some hitting. The d-line played really well in individual periods."

On who stood out today
"Devon Breaux has been having a great camp. All of the quarterbacks - Montana, Powell and Tanner Lee - played well. I really like what Tanner did today. Robert Kelley had a good day running the football. I saw Jordan Sullen make a play in the endzone to stop a touchdown, so those guys are playing well."

On whether the offense is ahead of the defense, or vice versa at this point
"No, I think it goes by period. In one period, I thought the offense looked good in the live period. In the next two periods, the defense won. So that's a good problem to have. The competition is very, very good and very, very stiff."

On replacing the deep snapper and holder for All-American kicker Cairo Santos
"I thought it was good up until today. Cairo finally missed one for the first time in about a year, but that's good. If he's missing them in practice, he's getting that out of his system. But I think they're all getting along pretty good."

On tomorrow's two-a-day practice
"It'll be the second day in pads and it's a two-a-day. We'll have a couple of scrimmage periods along with a special teams period in there. We're indoors so there shouldn't be any excuses."



Junior Tight End Matt Marfisi

On how practice went on Wednesday
"Well, we had a few mentals but that's always going to happen in camp. We had a good practice overall. We just need to cut down on the mentals and come together as a group a little bit more."

On how things have gone for him so far
"It's good. I love being with my teammates and playing football. What could be better?"

On playing with a new quarterback this year
"We get reps with every quarterback so it doesn't really matter whose throwing the ball. We have to catch it anyway."

On scrimmaging tomorrow as part of a two-a-day practice
"Scrimmages are always fun. We get to go live and do a little more than we usually get to - go down and finish a little more. And we get to get out of the sun a little bit, so that's good."

Sophomore Defensive Lineman Corey Redwine

On how practice went today
"Today went well. It was hot, but we're football players and we have to adjust to it. We're going to play away outside. We get a little spoiled with the Superdome, but we play outside and our new stadium is going to be outside so we just have to get adjusted to it."

On how things have gone so far during preseason practice
"Things have been going great. We're so much better as a team and as a defense. We'll develop a lot more, we know the defense much more, we know the technique better and we have a much better rotation this year."

On the progress of the defensive line
"All the guys on the d-line are great. We're like brothers. We do everything together. We're so tight as a group and that's going to make us so much better as a d-line and that's going to make us better as a defense. The game is won up front."

On scrimmaging on Thursday at the Saints facility
"Practice is actually a little bit smoother inside, so it'll be much more exciting tomorrow. There will be a lot more hitting and the sun won't get too us so much, so the guys will be a lot more fresh to go full speed tomorrow."