Quotes Following Day 4 Of Preseason Football Practice



Aug. 6, 2013

Head Coach Curtis Johnson

Overall thoughts on Tuesday's practice
"I thought it was awesome. The weather was a little hotter than anticipated and the guys were like, `Golly, it's getting hot' as we got toward the end. But the conditioning will pay off in the fourth quarter. I thought we had an outstanding practice."

On the team picking up the intensity today
"These guys are starting to learn how to practice. They're starting to play well and they're starting to get the system down. We had a new install in today and it was a little rough early, but I loved the intensity."

On the team hitting more in the second day in shells
"I heard a couple of cracks that I hadn't heard in a while. It was fun to watch. It was a very fun practice."

On who is beginning to stand out in practice
"Tanzel Smart, the young defensive lineman, is looking awfully good. Those DBs - Jordan Batiste, Darion Monroe and Lorenzo Doss - they're playing well also."

On the progress made by his quarterbacks
"All of them looked decent. They're getting better as it goes. As camp goes on, it'll clarify itself but they're playing well."

On what he anticipates for the rest of the week
"I think it'll be heat, heat, heat, heat. So we'd better hydrate."

Senior Wide Receiver Ryan Grant

On how practice went on Tuesday
"It went really well. It was kind of hot out there, but practice went really well for the most part."



On his routine throughout the week
"I just go out there every day and try and get better. I work on different points of my game every day. Whenever I work hard, everything pays off."

On playing with a new quarterback
"It's not a big deal like everybody is making it out to be. All of those guys can throw it really well so once we find the right one, we'll have everything on point."

On the Green Wave's receiving corps
"We've got to redshirt-freshmen coming in that are playing really well right now. I feel that we are the best wide receiver corps in the conference so you've got to expect big things out of us this year."

On building on the success he enjoyed last season
"I'm just trying to pick up where I left off. That's it."

Junior Safety Sam Scofield

On how practice has been going so far in the preseason
"It's going well. It's a little hot out there, but the freshmen are learning and the defense is getting better and better each day."

On how the defensive backfield is progressing
"Right now, I'd say we have more of a veteran group but those young guys are working in and they're getting better. We've got three defensive backs that started last year, so we've got a good little chemistry going on back there."

On if camp is going how he expected
"Oh yes. It's even hotter than I expected. Legs are a little sore, but everything is alright."

On the level of intensity at today's practice
"Once we get the pads on, there's more hitting and more live contact. We've got full pads tomorrow so we'll be ready. I think we'll just get better each day, get ready for a scrimmage on Thursday and hopefully just keep getting better."