Quotes Following Tulane Football's Opening Preseason Practice



Aug. 3, 2013

Head Coach Curtis Johnson

Overall thoughts on how things went
"I thought they ran around well. We just have to get the logistics right. Being on different fields, we've added challenges with that. The quarterbacks were better with the quarterback/center exchange. I think Montana might have completed the most balls. He did well. Powell was coaching guys up, and Tanner Lee did well also. They did well and they'll be better tomorrow."

On his focus on being quick but focused
"We've got a quick team and a fast team, so we've got to create ways to get those guys down the field and get after the ball. They're taking heed to it and we just have to be smart. I don't want guys thrown on the ground in shorts. We've just got to practice that kind of stuff."

On moving his team to several venues during preseason practice
"I think it's great. I think any time we change or any time we have to adjust, we do our best to adapt to those things. We'll be ready to adapt to almost anything. When we go into a foreign stadium, we'll have already experienced different."

On who stood out to him in day one of preseason camp
"I thought some guys played well in spots. I thought Tanzel Smart had a real good practice. Richard Allen had one. Parry Nickerson had one. Those young kids played well. Xavier Rush had probably the best practice of the receivers. Darkwa played well today. It was a mixed bag of tricks today."



On what he expects to see from his team tomorrow
"I think tomorrow is going to be a lot better. Today was a little bit difficult. It got hot very quickly and things took a little bit longer because it was the first day. Now, we'll start to get into a rhythm."

Senior Defensive Lineman Julius Warmsley

On how practice went on Saturday
"It was the first day so we had a few bumps, but we're always trying to get better. It was fun. There was a different atmosphere which is fun because we're growing."

On if there was more familiarity entering the second season under Coach Johnson
"Most definitely. Coming from last year to this year, it's totally different - especially with the way the weight staff is. They've been changing up our workouts and making it more specific to our positions whereas before it was more general and everybody kind of did the same thing. It's fun."

On the depth at defensive line
"It's a very exciting time. We went from having about eight people to having about 16 give or take. In camp, it used to be so difficult. It made us better but it was so difficult just based on the fact that we didn't have the numbers. Now, we're finally getting those numbers and it's a great thing to see everything growing and flourishing."

Senior Running Back Orleans Darkwa

On how the first day of preseason camp went
"It was pretty efficient today. Everybody was fast out the gate, which is typical for the first practice. There were a couple of mistakes here and there, but overall I feel everything went well."

On his expectations entering his senior season
"I expect it to be tough, as always. The big thing for me is to stay injury free and whatever I have to do to prevent that from happening. At the same time, I have to go hard. I'm fighting for a position."

On if he feels 100 percent healthy
"I would say so. I feel pretty good right now. Like I said, I just want to go out there and show what I can do to win the position."

On the quarterback battle with the graduation of four-year starter Ryan Griffin
"It's been going well and it's been pretty intense. They're great people and they're going to battle it out, but they're also going to be friendly about it."