Tulane Athletics Introduces The Playbook Campaign in Support of Tulane Football

TULANEGREENWAVE.COM The Tulane Playbook campaign is a fundraising and ticket sales effort to drive support for Tulane Football.
The Tulane Playbook campaign is a fundraising and ticket sales effort to drive support for Tulane Football.

June 1, 2011

New Orleans - Tulane Athletics has launched The Playbook Campaign, a fundraising and ticket sales effort to drive support for Tulane Football. The Playbook Campaign comes on the heels of the department's communication effort entitled "The Playbook - Inside the Game Plan for Tulane Football" which chronicles both the progress that's been made as well as the vision for the football program and the plan to fulfill that vision.

The Playbook Campaign provides supporters across the country an opportunity to make a tangible impact on Tulane Football through budget growth as well as increased football season ticket sales.

On March 16, 2011, President Scott Cowen and Director of Athletics Rick Dickson introduced "The Playbook" to a crowd of supporters and detailed the university's vision to develop a highly successful football program that opens every campaign with the talent and resources to win both the division and conference championships and participate in post-season games on a regular basis. This effort is already underway through a combination of increased university support, budget enhancement, progress in recruiting, increased support staff and through a vision for enhanced facilities.

"The Playbook Campaign provides an opportunity for Tulanians across the country to grow the football budget through the Football Excellence Fund (FEF) and assist with improved attendance and home field advantage via increased season ticket sales," Dickson said. "In addition, supporters can also choose to support our Grow Up Green program, which directly impacts our community outreach efforts. These efforts will assist us in realizing the vision we have for our football program and we are hopeful that our current supporters, as well as any others who share in our mission, will participate at some level."

The Playbook Campaign provides multiple giving levels for people to choose from, starting at $150 all the way to $10,000. For example, the $600 level is comprised of a $300 gift to the Football Excellence Fund (FEF) and the remaining $300 can be allocated toward either two (2) sideline season tickets for 2011 or can be donated back to our Grow Up Green program. With the option of either accepting the season tickets or donating that portion to Grow Up Green, Tulane Athletics has made sure that everyone can participate regardless of whether they are in the New Orleans area or across the country.



"I see the progress that we've made, I've seen all the hard work our players and coaching staff have put into this program," Head Coach Bob Toledo said. "I see a bright future. I am proud to be the head football coach at Tulane University and I believe in this program. I not only want to prove that on the field next season, but I want to be the first to invest in The Playbook Campaign. I have committed $10,000 on top of my more important commitment to winning. Please join me in supporting The Playbook Campaign."

There are many exciting benefits for those that participate (at the $150 level or above), including being invited to attend the inaugural "Tulane Athletics Summer Camp" on Tuesday, June 21. The event will take place at the James W. Wilson Jr. Center from 5:30-7:30 p.m. and attendees will join Rick Dickson, Bob Toledo and other Green Wave head coaches, along with student-athletes from all sports as they show you what it's like to be a Tulane student-athlete. You'll hear from the coaches and Rick, visit the film room to see what it's like to prepare for game day, sit down with the academic support staff, strength and conditioning staff, training room staff and equipment staff as they show you what it takes to get Green Wave student-athletes ready for the classroom and competition!

Additional Playbook Campaign benefits include:
-Receiving a "Playmaker" t-shirt to wear at the home opener in an effort to "Green Out the Dome".
-Being entered into a raffle to win a trip for 2 to the Hawaii game over Thanksgiving weekend (give online and you'll be entered twice).
-Being honored throughout the season at home football games.

For more information, or to make your gift today, visit Tulane Playbook or call (504) 865-5356.