Coach Toledo's Comments Following Friday's Scrimmage



April 9, 2010

On how he felt the scrimmage went today
"I thought it went well. We probably had 50 or so scrimmage plays and I thought there were some good plays made. It's hard to single anyone out without watching the video, but I think it was obvious to people who watch the scrimmage that a guy like Albert Williams made some nice runs, for example. We have a lot of enthusiasm right now. Our defense is playing fast and physical. I think we have some guys that I believe will make some plays eventually."

On what he felt the team needed to work on the most
"We have to make routine plays. That's the thing that bothered me about today's scrimmage. We threw some balls that weren't good. We dropped some balls that should have been caught. You have to make the routine plays and then the big plays will happen."

On where he feels his team is after two weeks of spring practice
"First of all, we haven't had a lot of injuries which is pleasing to me. That means we're probably a little stronger than we've been and we're in a little better physical shape than we've been in. Again, the intensity has been good, the effort has been good, and the attitude is great. I'm pleased with the progress after two weeks of practice."

On if some of the starting positions have begun to shake themselves out
"There's a lot of competition at a lot of positions. There are very few guys who have solidified starting positions like a [Andrew] Nierman or a [Pete] Hendrickson, for example. I think there's a lot of competition going on and that makes for a better football team."