Coach Toledo's Comments Following Tuesday's Practice



April 6, 2010

On if he felt his team retained the information taught during the first week of spring drills
"I was really impressed with the carry over that we had from the first four days of practice which was over a week ago, and the conditioning. No one really got hurt, they ran around really well and they retained a lot from those first four days. I was really impressed with today's practice."

On the job the defense did on Tuesday
"I think our defense in much-improved from a year ago. Our front is coming off the ball and our linebackers are doing a nice job, and we've got some quality coaches right now who are doing a good job with the secondary. There is a greater understanding. A year ago, we were installing the defense. Now there is some carry-over. Steve Stanard, our defensive coordinator, has really done a nice job with them."

On what he had the team working on during Tuesday's practice
"The first four days, we were kind of installing things. Today, we did down and distance situations, we did some red zone situations, plus we did some field goals. The game is based on substitutions and situation football. You substitute guys in for different situations. The kids need to understand that every situation is different and every part of the field is different. You can't back-pedal out of the back of the endzone. You've got to practice all of those situations and that's what we did today."

On if anyone has caught his eye during the early portion of spring practice
"I think there are a lot of guys jumping out at me, too many to mention today. But I'm pleased with the progress, let's put it that way."