Coach Toledo's Comments Following Saturday's Scrimmage



April 5, 2008

- On the scrimmage today: "Obviously there were some good individual efforts and we've got a long way to go as a team. Teams are based on 11 individuals working together, so we'll get better. I saw a lot of nice things. I saw a lot of effort. We made a couple of mistakes on offense, and the defense came up with some big plays. We scrimmaged the kicking game, which was good because you can't scrimmage much in the fall in the kicking game. And, we practiced the first part of practice, so we got better in some fundamentals and techniques which I wanted to do."

On who stood out individually in the scrimmage: "(Reggie) Scott showed out. I think Jeremy Williams showed. I think André Anderson showed up. It's just hard to look (at individuals) because I'm trying to call plays and do other things, but those guys were obvious."

On if the team is much improved individually from this time last spring: "Yes. We're better than we were last year at this time individually. I don't know if we're a better football team, but we're doing things better. They can make plays. They're giving a good effort. There are not a lot of mistakes. There's some, but not a lot of mistakes, particularly with the guys that were here (last year)."

On what he sees at the quarterback position: "I think Kevin Moore did a nice job of taking them down the field and scoring. (Scott) Elliott really has a grasp of what we're trying to do, and he made a couple plays, but he made some bad throws. The young guy (Joe Kemp) has got a lot of ability. He's just got to keep learning what's going on. He made two big mistakes down there (near the end zone), but on one of them, the tight end slipped and fell - didn't even get out of his stance - and he got sacked. Then, the other one - he just threw a bad ball."