Coach Toledo's Comments Following Thursday's Practice



April 3, 2008

- On practice today:
"It was a good practice. It wasn't a scrimmage-type atmosphere where we had a lot of scrimmage plays, but it was a good teaching environment, and a good learning environment, and there is a lot of enthusiasm. One of the things we're doing is we're looking at a lot of different players at a lot of different positions to find out who our best players are and where they fit the best, and where they'll help us most in the fall."

On the defensive backs:
"What we're trying to do is we're trying to find the best four - or best five defensive backs for a nickel situation. We moved (Alex) Wacha from safety back to corner. We moved (Dominique) Dade from corner to safety. We moved (Lamont) Simmons from linebacker to safety. We're trying to find where people fit the best for us. That's the thing about spring ball. You get a chance to experiment with plays and with players."

On the opportunities that can come from moving players around the secondary:
"I think the big thing that it does for you is in the Fall, when players get hurt for example, some of these guys now can draw from their experiences from Spring and we can adjust and, again, have the best players on the field as opposed to maybe having the second or third best player because he's just in that position. We want the best people to play the games. We want to have more flexibility within our team."

On the scrimmage coming Saturday:
"Basically what we're going to do is we're going to practice first. We've got to get better. I'm not concerned as much with scrimmaging as getting better. So the first part of practice will be fundamentals and individual drills to try to improve on our fundamentals and techniques. Then we'll scrimmage the kicking game live because we don't have a chance to scrimmage that much live in the fall. So we'll have a few kickoffs and kickoff return, and we'll have a few punts and punt returns, and we'll do that live along with PAT and field goal and block. Then we'll have some periods where we'll slow it down and we'll do some what we call `7-on-7' where we're throwing the ball in some one-on-one situations. Then we'll end it up with probably a 45-50 play scrimmage."