Coach Johson's Quotes Following Monday's Pracitce



Feb. 25, 2013

On today's practice
"We came in today with great energy. We had a little break with a day off yesterday and they had energy and ran around today. I thought we had a great practice."

On what he told his time after Saturday's disappointing practice
"They just needed a day off to get their minds right and refocus. I just told them that we can't win with them practicing like they did on Saturday. Today I thought they were good."

On putting blinders on the cornerbacks
"Our corners have bad eyes they need glasses like I have. So what we did was put blinders on them to teach them to focus on what they are doing. It worked out well and they had a good day today. The thing about corners if that you have to watch what is happening. You have to keep your eyes on your luggage. You have to be able to watch where your man is going."

On how far along the team is right now
"We're doing a great job out here. We started base one all over again, starting like it's the first day. It went well today. It was like a review."

On being able to practice indoors with the rain falling around the New Orleans area
"It's good to be able to practice inside. Not only that, but we are able to have guys come in. Today I had one of my former players, Marques Colston, come in. He watched practice and thought we did well also. This is good for us, this is a great facility. I thank Mr. Benson, Mickey Loomis, and Sean Payton."

On having his former players come to practice
"Our guys do what most guys do. They want to impress those other players so that they will go back and tell our coaches. We let them know that they can come out. We welcome them all because there's just an energy in our practice when they do."