Coach Johnson's Comments Following Saturday's Practice



Feb. 25, 2012

Overall thoughts following the first week of spring practice
"What I find about these guys is that they've very, very smart, they've very, very tough guys and they want to win. They've very emotional and they take it personal on how this thing is going. They have a lot of pride also. I like how everything is going so far."

On how the team has performed to date
"I think we'll be good enough to put a good product on the field that everybody will like. I think more people will come to the games and I think they'll be proud of what we're doing. These guys are playing really hard and practicing very well."

On the high level of intensity and enthusiasm on display on Sunday
"That's the brand of football that we want to partake in. We don't want guys who are just going to sit back and let everything happen. We've got a group of coaches here who are going to be very intense and very passionate about what they're doing. We've got this football team that is very passionate and I don't want them holding anything back. I want them moving and rolling and going."

On the plan for next week's practices
"It's just a matter of putting more in, just doing more and putting more stuff in. We've got more plays. We've got to the red zone in, we've got to get goal line and short yardage in, and we'll do it all over again. That's the plan right now, to just keep repeating what we've doing."