Coach Johson's Quotes Following Saturday's Pracitce



Feb. 23, 2013

Overall thoughts on Saturday's practice
"I thought it was a little bit of a let-down today. We had a couple of guys nicked up and we didn't practice with the energy and the enthusiasm as we usually do. But it was a good practice. I thought we improved. I think our team is coming along really well."

On the job the quarterbacks did of completing passes
"Nick did a great job today. He got outside of the pocket and made some good throws. Devin Powell made some deep throws that were amazing. He had guys hanging all on him and was able to throw it. And Jordy did his job of throwing the ball in there, too. We did well of both throwing and catching the ball today - much better than we've been - but I think overall, practice was just okay."

On how important it is to have Chris Davenport, Mike Lizanich and Nick Montana participate in spring practice
"It's very, very important. I thought Chris Davenport is having a heck of a spring. He's everywhere. Our deep snapper is starting to get his snaps in. He's got to get to Billy Johnson's speed on the snap, but he's doing well also and he's getting acclimated. Montana has been around a little bit. He's learning the offense and he's picking it up. It's great to have all of those guys."

On what his team is focusing on at this point of spring practice
"Starting today, we've been reviewing. We're starting all over again. We're starting just like it's day one, just like they've never heard it before. We're starting with our base install and will just keep moving."

On practicing at the Saints facility with the construction of Yulman Stadium back on campus
"It's great. It's lovely. I have to thank Mr. Benson, Mickey Loomis and Sean Payton for letting us use their facility. What a great facility. We see all the great players on the wall. We see the Super Bowl trophy every day. It's a blessing to be able to come over here and be able to do this."