Tulane Head Football Coach Chris Scelfo Comments On Signees



Feb. 7, 2001

"Obviously recruiting is the lifeblood of any program and we feel like we brought in a class who will supplement what we already have on the current team. We were able to address our needs and some problem areas and we added some quality depth. We were able to add some linemen, which we really needed, and we added some skill.

"This is our first full recruiting class since we have been here. We know that some of these newcomers will step up right away and some will take a little longer to make the adjustment to the college game. We do know that all of these recruits are talented and that they fit the Tulane profile in terms of both academics and athletics. This class is a credit to our coaching staff. Recruiting really is a year-long process now."

On the differences between last year's recruiting class and this year's:

"In last year's class, we really looked at it as an NFL-type draft. We were determined to find the best 11 or 12 athletes that we could find. This year, we were able to go out and get specific players to fill our needs. We're certainly very excited, but we know we have a long way to go until August. Last year, seven of our 11 recruits contributed significantly. This year, we'll get a better feeling when we go to camp."

On Out-of-State Signees:

"We just wanted to find kids who fit the Tulane profile, regardless of where they were. That's just they way things fell this year. We always start our recruiting in New Orleans and then work our way from there. We were fortunate that we were able to get a large group of players from the South."

On the Tulane profile:

"Our profile is that we are looking for any players who can help us win a Conference USA championship and a berth in the Liberty Bowl. We also look for players who are both good students and good people."

On the needs the class addresses:

"We needed to get some offensive and defensive linemen this year. We were able to bring some in last year, but we got another good group this year. At this time next year, we will have lost four starters on the offensive line, so we really needed to get some players in that area. We were also able to bring in some linebackers."

On recruiting against SEC schools:

"We'll battle anyone for a recruit that we think will help us. We feel like we have a lot to offer as a football program, such as first-rate academics and athletics as well as a fantastic city in New Orleans. We are going to take anyone who we think can help us win a Conference USA championship. Players are attracted to us on offense, because it is wide open and exciting. On the defensive side, players are attracted to Tulane because they know they have an opportunity to step in early and contribute."

On bringing in five defensive backs:

"We lost four defensive backs to graduation so we definitely needed to bring some in. Also, our league has become more of a wide-open passing league. And because of that, you are more apt to play nickel packages with five and six DBs out there."

On adding athleticism:

"We brought in three or four players who were quarterbacks in high school. We feel like those are the guys who can add something extra. They are athletic players who can really run. And they also bring a tremendous amount of leadership and intensity."