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Tulane Signing Day Central

7:00 a.m.- The coaching staff, many with coffee in hand, is in the building and ready to go. A quick once over of the list of expected signees and the day begins.
7:10 a.m.- No longer thinking that I got here early. Find our that Coach Dan Dodd and Director of Operations Tony Kinkela were here at 5:15 a.m. That's at least and hour before me.
7:18 a.m.- Receive word that Austen Jacks becomes the newest member of the Green Wave Football Family. His NLI was received at 6:01 a.m.
7:21 a.m.- Other signees were up and at 'em early as well. Within minutes of Jacks, we received a NLI from Brock Sanders
7:46 a.m.- More official documents come through and the following NLIs are received, bringing our number to five:

  • Cody Ledford
  • Wilson Van Hooser
  • Devin Williams

  • 7:56 a.m.- We set out to continue gathering names of those who have sent in their NLIs. Thinking that remote blogging from the third floor, where all the action is, would have been wiser than the second floor. where I am currently situated.
    8:04 a.m.- It's a good thing our fax machine was fully loaded this morning because the NLIs are literally coming through one after the other. The latest signees include:
  • Karr teammates Jordan Sullen and Shakiel Smith
  • Hunter Howden
  • Ryan Travis
  • Zachary Morgan
  • Payten Jason
  • Jordan Garrett

  • 8:11 a.m.-Ryan Grant has submitted his NLI and will be sportin' a green uni next season
    8:16 a.m.- Patiently awaiting emails from our compliance director, alerting me to our latest NLI received. He's lucky. He's on the third floor.
    8:19 a.m.- Two more arrive in and Lawrence (L.J.) Abrams and Ryan Rome are official
    8:28 a.m.-Derrick Strozier has turned in his NLI
    8:30 a.m.-Did I mention that when you click on a student-athlete's name, their bio will come up? And we're also in the process of adding high school highlight reels? Because we are.
    8:54 a.m.- The Washington twins have completed their NLIs and will be heading over from Brenham, Texas: Kendrick Washington and Kendrell Washington
    9:12 a.m.- Michael Henry's NLI has been received and the offensive lineman is on his way to Tulane
    9:24 a.m.-Tight end Kevin Burris is one of our early enrollments, hailing from Watkinsville, Ga. Joining him in the classroom this spring has been Dezman Moses.
    9:32 a.m.- Officially signed up for Tulane in the fall is Shane Delery and Don (D.J.) Banks
    9:34 a.m.- A NLI has been received from Rio Mares, who put in his prep time at Cibola High in New Mexico.
    10:19 a.m.- We are in the home stretch, as we have our 23rd signee in Stephen Barnett
    11:29 a.m.- It's official! The Signing Day 2009 is complete for Tulane! Devin Figaro has submitted his NLI and we are set! Don't forget to check out head coach Bob Toledo's press conference at 2:00 p.m. central time, and see what he has to say about Signing Day 2009.