Quotes Following Tulane Football's 45-31 Victory Over C-USA Foe Rice



Nov. 17, 2007

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Tulane 45, Rice 31
Tulane Game 11
Rice Stadium
Houston, Texas



On Matt Forté reaching the 2,000-yard mark
"I am so happy for him. He's a great football player as I've mentioned all along. We are so pleased. We were told he needed six more yards on the last series, so I wanted to make sure he got it. He did a great job, the offensive line did a super job and the fullbacks and tight ends all blocked for him. He's just a special guy. We did some things to keep them off balance - throwing the ball a little bit and some other things. I'm very happy for him."

On the play of Kevin Moore
"He's improved tremendously. He's done a great job throwing the ball. Coming off that shoulder injury, I couldn't be more proud of him. Most guys wouldn't want to come back from that. He wants to play. They both did some nice things. Scelfo made a nice quarterback draw on the last series and Kevin threw some nice balls. I think they're doing a good job. I don't like to rotate two quarterbacks. It makes it difficult to get in a rhythm but I think they both did a nice job."

On how he knew Forté was so close to 2,000
"I had one of our guys in the press box go find out, I guess from (Tulane Assistant Athletic Director) Roger (Dunaway), and they called down and said he needed six more yards. Had it been more than that, I probably wouldn't have run him anymore. He's banged up pretty good. He's playing with a little bit of pain."

On what this win means to the program
"Like Mike Parenton and a lot of the younger players said, this is a building job for the future. These seniors have laid the groundwork for us and they done a super job. In most situations, when you start going south, they go south and they turn belly up. These guys haven't done that. They've played hard. They've practice hard. They've done a tremendous job as seniors."

On what Forté's 2,000 yards means to the team
"By him doing what he did, it makes us all prouder of the fact that we're putting this thing together and we're building it. We're building it with him and the senior class."

On being able to come on the road and get a big win
"It's good. We have a chance to finish third in the Western Division and we were picked early in the season to not win a football game. We've had a chance to win several others and we've been close. We've been very competitive and that's what I want from these guys. I want them to compete from start to finish. If they can play 60 minutes hard for every game, that's what I can live with. It's when they don't give me effort that I can't live with it. All year, they've given us great effort."


On hitting the 2,000-yard mark for the year
"To do something that you dream of in your wildest dreams, get 2,000 yards and make history is very special. We've had a great season stat wise, and I just want to thank my offensive line, my teammates and my coaches to give me a chance to come out here and do that."

On if he thought he had a chance to get 2,000 yards at the beginning of the season
"That's why I said wildest dreams. I didn't even dream of a 2,000-yard season. I dreamed of 1,000 or 1,500 yards...something like that. To come out and get 2,000 is beyond a dream. I'm just very excited for this team to come out and make history."

On his plans for the season finale at East Carolina
"We want to keep things on a roll. We won two in a row. We go on the road to East Carolina for the last game, and I know all the seniors want to win their last game. We just have to keep it on a roll, go out there, play hard and get another win."

On if he knew he was close to reaching 2,000 yards for the season
"They were tallying it on the sideline, but I didn't know until I had seven yards left to go. They told me then. I had two runs and I had a little bit over it (2,000 yards). I got it and they took me out after that."

JUNIOR LEFT GUARD Michael Parenton

On blocking for Matt Forté
"It's tremendous. To personally know Matt as well as I do and feel as close to him, I couldn't be happier for the guy. I see him every day. I see how hard he works and I see how much this means to him. For him to get it makes me as happy as I can be."

On being known as a line that blocked for a 2,000-yard rusher
"Looking back, we're going to wish we could have won more games, make a bowl game or win a conference championship like we set out to do. But it's hard to believe he's done something that only 11 guys in the country have done in the history of the game. It gives you a lot of good feelings about what we've done."


On Tulane's performance against the Owls
"We got kind of out of rhythm in the first half, but we were able to do some things and Matt (Forté) was running tremendously tonight. When that happens, you're able to hit some passes and pick up big chunks. We felt like we were able to do that. Brian (King) caught a big one and Mike (Batiste) made a heck of a play for us down the sideline. Both of them were big plays for us and we were able to put it in the endzone both times. It was a lot of fun. Anthony (Scelfo) did some good things as well. I think these past couple of games, we've done a good job of complimenting one another. He was able to put the ball in the endzone a couple of times as well."

On his performance against Rice
"I felt like I played okay. I could have done some things better, but you always feel like you could play better. It's just good to win."

On how today was different than his previous games
"I felt like over the past couple of weeks, I was able to get into more of a rhythm. I've been getting some snaps where we were in the middle of a fight. I'm excited to get my opportunities and I felt like I've done a few good things with it. I felt we were able to pick up a few big chunks, and it's always good as an offense when you can do that. It was a fun night for the offense."