Quotes Following Football's 31-3 Loss To Southern Miss



Nov. 11, 2006

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HEAD COACH Chris Scelfo

Thoughts On The Game
"It was a game I thought our defensively and special teams played really well. Offensively, it was embarrassing. I am embarrassed to be the coach of that offence and that goes for offensive coaches and players. Give Southern Miss credit on defensive. I thought that we didn't do anything to help our team offensively. I was really proud to see our special teams to play the way they did. It was a big improvement over the past couple of weeks. I really thought our defensive fought hard made some big key stops and created a couple turnovers for us. "

On replacing starting quarterback Lester Ricard with Scott Elliott in the second quarter
"I was searching at that point. The other one didn't do anything and I was just trying to spark it up. Scott did a nice job leading our team down the field."

On bringing Ricard back in the fourth quarter
"When we brought him back, we were trying to hurry up and get back into the game. We weren't going to sit on it. On the first play, we had a bad throw - half drop, half bad throw. A couple bone-head things. I got tired of looking at it so I punted on third down."

On defensive keeping Tulane in the ball game after the first touch down
"There is no question that the defense did enough all day. I thought the two corners that played - Alex Wacha and Josh Lamar - played well. Izzy (Route) came back out there and Jeremy Foreman got hurt; those guys played well. Defensively, they stepped up today. I was really pleased with the way they played."

On if the defense made any changes to adjust to Southern Miss' ground attack
"We got adjusted to it and started rallying better and tackling a littler better. We had a couple big missed tackles that gave up some big plays, but we started tackling and getting to the football. I thought our defense had them pretty well under control."



On what the team can take from this game into the final two contests of the 2006 season
"I think the biggest thing is there is a lot we can build on two phases. On the offensive side, we need to go back to work and understand that we are not nearly as good as we think we are and go back and do the little things that got us very productive the last four or five weeks."

"I am going to look at everything on offense during the week. It wasn't just the quarterback, it was all of them - all 11, the coaches, offensive coaches, myself, all of us. All of us. Southern Miss' defensive line intimidated our offense from start to finish, whooped them, and whooped us."

On if he thought Southern Miss was running up the score with the touchdown in the final minute of the game
"Absolutely not. You've got to hand the ball off. He just handed it the ball off that whole drive, and on third long, (he) threw it. It's our job to stop him."


His thoughts when entering the game
"I thought it was my job to just come in and try and get a spark going on offense. I thought that drive was going to jump start us for the second half. I really thought we had some momentum going. But we just didn't play well today as a unit. Nobody did."

On comparing this offensive performance to any other game
"There is no comparison. We just played bad. It's probably one of the worst offensive performances we've had since I've been here. We just played bad all around."

On if Southern Miss did anything differently to stop your offense in second half
"No, they did on defense what we thought they were going to do. They were lining up the way we thought they were going to line up. I thought we just didn't get it done today. It was one of those games where we were flat offensively and we couldn't get anything going."

On LeVance Richmond's 50-yard fumble return for a touchdown in the fourth quarter
"I thought we were going in (for the game-tying score). I thought this was it. We stopped them (on defen) and we had some momentum. In my mind, it was like, `Here we go. We're going to do it right here.' I couldn't tell on the fumble if it really was or not, but its just one of those things. You can't turn the ball over. That's the number one step in football and we turned it over at the wrong time of the game."

On if there was anything Southern Miss did differently on defensive than any other opponent this year
"They've given us similar looks as other opponents, but we prepared for what we were going to see. I thought they gave us the same look we knew we were going to see. We just didn't play good."

On the pressure applied by the Southern Miss defense
"They put on pretty good pressure. It wasn't anything I don't think we haven't seen. It shouldn't have been as bad as it was."

On what he thinks needs to be worked on over the next two weeks of practice
"We've got to keep playing...just keep our heads up and practice hard. I thought we had a good week of practice. We've had very good practices the last few weeks and this is a disappointing thing. I thought we'd play better."

On where the connection between practice and the game broke down
"I think we didn't come ready to play mentally, not so much physically. Mentally, our heads weren't in the game and it showed. Physically we're fine. I think we can play with anybody offensively. Our heads weren't in the game this week."

On if he is aware that the offense has been relying on the defense the past few games
"I know, and I congratulate the defense. They played one heck of a game. They played hard, stopped them in the key moments of the game and we just didn't take advantage of that. And that's our fault. Defense did what they had to do."


On the team's overall performance
"We had some pretty big plays and the offense struggled a little bit. We were just trying to keep them out of the endzone. We got some turnovers: a fumble, a fumble recovery, and blocked a field goal. We were coming up with big stops on fourth down."

On LeVance Richmond's 50-yard fumble return for a touchdown in the fourth quarter
"The fumble return for a touchdown killed the confidence in everybody. It was 10 -3 at the time, our offense could've gone down the field and scored, and we fumbled the ball. It kind of went downhill from there."


On filling in for injured starter Matt Forté
"I was very comfortable and confident going into the game. We had a lot of reps at practice, I was aware of the situation the entire week, and I'm a redshirt-junior right now. I've been in this program a long time, so I was very comfortable. We have a great line so it really wasn't that difficult at times."

On running against Southern Miss' front line
"Southern Miss has a pretty challenging front. They're moving around all the time and kind of makes it hard to identify what they're doing. We went over and over it all week long, and for the most part I feel we did pretty well against their front."

On consecutive penalties during Tulane's final drive
"I really don't understand why it happened. If I had to make a guess, I'd say Lester was out of his rhythm. He's a rhythmic player and when he gets hot, he's hot. At times he cools down. It was a number of things. It just didn't work out. On that possession there, I don't know what was going on."



His thoughts on the game
"The play of the game was the fumble recovery returned for a touchdown. That blew the game wide open. It was still a ball game at that point. They're hanging around, we're letting them hang around, and then we make that big play. That was the turning point. It's good to win, but I'm disappointed that we didn't make plays offensively. We had the crucial penalties, turnovers, dropped passes, missed assignment. When we get the ball down in the scoring area, we've got to score."

On his offense's inability to score points despite driving the ball
"We had numerous opportunities offensively. We had four possessions in the first half down in the red zone, but could only score on one. We never punted in the game. We stayed in on the field. We just weren't very sharp (in the red zone). We had a missed field goal, the dropped pass, a missed assignment... it was always something. Not very good execution offensively."

On his team's performance on defense
"I thought we played really well on defense. I doubt that they had 100 yards. You hold an offense like that - that was averaging 36 points a game this year here in the `Dome - to only three points, that's pretty good. I mean, 36 points per game at the `Dome. That's a lot of points."

On if Tulane's offense did anything different from what he expected
"They came in with a little different plan. Huddled, ran the football. It was a little different scheme. They have a good running back. It was a different plan, but I thought we contained them really well defensively."


On the defense's performance against Tulane
"The defense came out and played hard, really hard today. This was one of our best games of the season. Eighty-five yards? That's better than we thought [we did]. We knew what was on the line - becoming bowl eligible and staying in the fight for maybe an outside chance at a conference championship. Everybody knew what was at stake. They're a good fourth-quarter team. They score a lot of points. It's a very wide-open offense. So we played a very good game today."


On LeVance Richmond's 50-yard fumble return for a touchdown in the fourth quarter
"That was a real big play in the game. It changed the whole game. Our offense couldn't really get anything going and when he made that play, it really sparked everything. Things just started rolling from there.

On the offense's inability to score consistently during the first three quarters of the game
"We were moving the ball the whole time. We got down there, but we just missed some opportunities to make plays in the red zone. We were down there three or four times in the red zone and couldn't score."

On chasing East Carolina in the Conference USA standings
"Like coach said, we've got to come out and do our part. The only thing we can do is win games. That's all we're focused on right now, to win every game we play."

On the job the Eagles' defense did against the Green Wave
"The defense did a great job. We held them to three points, and in the whole second half they didn't score. It was a tremendous job by them."


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