Quotes Following Tulane's 42-0 loss at LSU



Oct. 31, 2009

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LSU 42, Tulane 0
Tulane Game 8
Tiger Stadium
Baton Rouge, La.


Opening statement...
"Let me start by saying that we just lost to a very good football team. As I mentioned in the course of the week, they were very physical and very athletic. We got a couple of opportunities early to kick a field goal, and we moved down the field again. We might have had another opportunity to kick a field goal or score a touchdown, and we didn't. We had a punt blocked early which hurt us. We had a bad snap and a bad kick. It was hard slowing them. They were very physical at the end. They just wore us down. Offensively we couldn't run the ball very well against them. I was pleased with the fact that our protection was pretty good. (QB Ryan) Griffin threw the ball pretty well. I thought that we caught the ball well. They're a good opponent. Let's put it that way. They were tough for us to beat. We had a few of our guys get hurt. Our center Joey Ray broke his hand. Tyler Rice ended the game. David Kirksey pulled his hamstring. Adam Kwentua had a slight separation of the shoulder. All-in-all we're looking forward to putting this one behind us and finishing up with four league games, games which we hope we can be very competitive in."

On frustrations with special teams...
"The punt block was disappointing, then they score in two plays. We kicked a bad field goal. That could have given us some points and a little momentum. (Trindon) Holliday has been running up the field in every game. He does it against everybody. We tried to angle-kick it and kick it away from him. We didn't kick the ball well enough. He's lightning in a bottle. If you don't get him quick enough, he'll go around you. He's a great athlete. His picture was on the cover of the program today, and there is a reason for it. He's got great, great speed. The kicking game is something we've worked hard on. It continues to fail us."

On red-zone offense...
"They haven't given up many points. They've given up 13 points a game in the last few games. They're good. We couldn't run the ball against them. It's obvious we couldn't run the ball. On the interception, one of our guys came off the block and actually got hit, and that's what caused the interception." On keeping the game competitive at the end of the half... "At the half we kept it competitive. That was my main thing going into the game. I told the team, let's be as competitive as we can. Let's play hard and physical. Let's play for 60 minutes, four quarters and try to gain some respect. It's a little bit of a mismatch, regardless of what people want to say. They're good. They are bigger, faster and stronger than we are. Their X's are bigger than our X's, and their O's are bigger than our O's, plain and simple."

Senior Flanker Jeremy Williams
On how he felt Tulane played against LSU tonight and their recent losses ...
"It definitely gets really frustrating, it's kind of like an every week type thing, and it's the same mistakes that we do. False starts, interceptions, and other big mistakes, like when Ryan (Griffin) got hit. I wonder if there is anything that I could have done to jump on that ball."

On if he came away feeling any better this week than last week ...
"We definitely knew we couldn't get anything on the ground, and like coach said going into the game that we weren't going to be able to run the ball. Personally, I don't feel like the score reflected the game. The score got ran up at the end, but we played them pretty well."

Senior Running Back Andre Anderson
On if he feels Tulane played harder tonight than in the past ...
"I think the team did play harder, but I'm tired of saying we played hard and we didn't win. That doesn't matter to me. We have to win some games down the road. This is one that we needed to win. Of course LSU is a great football team, we just have to not make as many mistakes and have some confidence. We have to win these games."

On what Tulane can do to improve ...
"Just finish. We have to finish. We have to score in the red zone. We can't hurt ourselves. Time and time again we do that with a punt, block, fumble, drop, touch or whatever it is. If we want to win close games or games, period, we have to turn that around and fix that."

On if he feels if Tulane's schedule has made playing tougher ...
"I mean, I have no control over the schedule. I show up and play when they tell me to. Of course, it's tough playing most of your home games early and your late games on the road, but you can't do anything bout that. You just have to show up and play. You can't complain over your schedule. That has nothing to do with it. You have to play football no matter who it is, whether we mix it up or not. You have to show up on Saturday and play your hardest so that you can win the game."