Quotes Following Football's 37-34 Loss To Syracuse



Oct. 8, 2011

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Syracuse 37, Tulane 34
Tulane Game 6
Mercedes-Benz Superdome
New Orleans, La.


Head Coach Bob Toledo

Opening Statement
"Let me say that I am disappointed that we lost that football game. We played a good opponent and we played them toe-to-toe. We made some mistakes that basically cost us the football game. There are always a handful of plays that turn the course of the game. We had some penalties that were key and missed a field goal. It is unfortunate that happened. I am extremely proud of our football team. I felt they battled back . They competed tonight. They were refusing to lose and it was just sad that it had to happen that way. I thought Ryan Griffin had a heck of a football game. I thought Xavier Rush, the true freshman, made some big plays. Unfortunately, his play down there got called back because of a penalty. I thought our kids played hard. We came out in the second half, defensively, and we picked up the intensity a little bit and gave them a heck of a run until the end there."

On rallying back from a 31-14 deficit
"That is the one thing our kids said, they were going to refuse to lose tonight. They weren't going to give in to anything. It is like somebody trying to take away your prized possession, you are going to fight until the bitter end. That's what we did tonight. We competed right down to the last couple of seconds and unfortunately it didn't go our way."

On the letdown of being called for a big penalty on the final Syracuse drive
"We have a guy who is very upset in there right now. He feels like he cost us the game, and he didn't. There were other plays too, but that was a big play because we did stop them. They were going to have to punt and they went down the field and kicked the game-winning field goal."

On the performance of freshmen receiver Xavier Rush
"I think he is a talented young freshman. After about half the season now, he is starting to come into his own. He is starting to feel comfortable. He is playing faster because he is understanding what to do. He has great size, really good hands, and outstanding speed. I was really pleased to see him perform the way he did tonight."

On timeouts at the end of the game
"I was talking to Steve about it and we said that because of the time, we didn't have enough time to do anything with it anyway so we were going to take it down. They have had several blocked kicks. That's what we were hoping for, that we could get through and block the kick because they have had like five or six of them this year. It didn't work out that way."

Junior quarterback Ryan Griffin

On falling short after the comeback
"I'm shocked right now. The guys did a great job of fighting. We came out to prove what kind of a team we were and we did that, but fell short."

Freshman Wide Receiver Xavier Rush

On falling short after the comeback
"We got down early, but our team never gave up. We always thought we could come out here and win. We have big hearts.

On his performance against Syracuse
"Coach Toledo called some good plays and put us in position to win. He gave me a change to make plays and that's all I wanted was a chance to make plays. Hopefully the chances keep coming and outcome will be a W next time."

Junior linebacker Trent Mackey

On the team's effort
"The team effort was phenomenal. Everybody played their best and gave it their best shot. Unfortunately we came away with a loss, but overall I think we stepped up our game and corrected a lot of mistakes."


Head Coach Doug Marrone

Opening Statement
"It's what we've been pointing at. We want to get out front in the conference play and get a chance to get the first one. Try to play with a lead when you come to the conference rankings when you try and play down the road and compete for it in the end."

Kicker Ross Krautman

On kicking his second game-winning field goal of the season
"It feels great when the game comes down to a game winning field goal. I have to thank the offense, defense, the snapper and the holder, because without them the ball doesn't go through the uprights."

On how the line protection was difference from last week
"Everything was great this week. We perfected it during practice. It all starts during practice. We spent a lot of time this week doing field goal unit. We got the times faster, of me going to the ball, and made some line adjustments. We just perfected it."

Running Back Antwon Bailey

On the quick start offensively
"It was very important. Not only for the defense, to keep them off the field, but for the offense to get (the offense) back on track."

On the intensity lagging after taking the early lead
"I don't think the intensity lagged, we made a few mistakes here and there, but I don't think the intensity lagged. We are all out there competing and trying to win a game and we just made some mistakes."

On the difference, offensively, between the first half and second half
"Tulane played a heck of a football game, they really came out there and fought. As an offense we didn't execute (in the second half). We stalled on a lot of drives early, so it was a mixture of good defense and poor execution."

On the feeling of heading home 4-2
"It is a great feeling. We are 4-2. You can't ask for much more coming out of this game. We didn't win big, but we won. So it's a great feeling."

Quarterback Ryan Nassib

On the struggles by the offense and defense the past few weeks
"That's how the game works sometimes. We just need to start doing a better job of executing on both sides of the ball. Last week the offense struggled, so we made it a point came out and do our job and do what we are capable of. As the quarterback of the offense that is really all I can handel. We just have to support the defense and keep their spirits up. They make plays, too, and they have won a lot of games for us. Sometimes it's just up to the stats."

On whether he would recommend the fans come out and watch their next game
"If you don't have any heart conditions, come on out, it's going to be fun. We play in a lot of situations that you dream of as a kid. Two minutes to go to win the game. Let's see what you got. We're a lot of fun to watch and we need all the support we can get."

On heading home at 4-2
"We are going home happy. We've played this game long enough and we know that wins are easy to come by. It's not easy to win at this level. You can't get to high on it or get to low on it. We buckled up and pulled it out tonight."

Wide Receiver Dorian Graham

On if he was surprised on his role tonight
"We practice everything that we executed in the game. During the week that is what we planned for, execute these plays and tonight we did what we had to do."

On how he is making an impact this season
"It feels great. It goes back to the saying `hard work pays off' and that is what came about for this game. I am glad to execute and help my team get a win."