Quotes Following Football's 41-13 Loss At Louisiana-Lafayette



Oct. 6, 2012

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HEAD COACH Curtis Johnson

Opening statement
"During the first half, I thought our defense played really well. We finally got some run stops with a four-man front and our secondary really didn't up many big plays. I thought we began to push them back a little bit. They are a good football team.

"Offensively, we couldn't get going because we didn't make the throws that we needed to make early on. We had guys open and finally we settled down in the second quarter. (D.J.) Ponder made some plays with (Justyn) Shackleford, including the long touchdown. I thought Orleans Darkwa ran very hard and so did Rob Kelley. I thought we ran the ball better, but we have to become a lot more consistent and not turn the ball over."

On the frustration of using timeouts for personnel issues
"The problem with the personnel today is we had so many injuries and we were short-handed in some packages, even with back-ups. We made some adjustments with the next guy up but sometimes the second string guy was already in, so we moved guys around and got it figured out."

On D.J. Ponder's performance
"We just tried to get him settled down and run some plays that he was familiar with and could be more accurate. But, coming in here after playing baseball all spring and summer and trying to learn this system in such a short period is just tough for anyone."

On the team's mindset
"The team is obviously disappointed. Whenever, you lose and you're a competitor you're very disappointed. I'm disappointed but I thought we fought harder tonight than we did the last two weeks and I thought we played better but didn't get the victory. Give ULL the credit, they are a good team."




On the touchdown catch
"On that play I just went outside. It was like a hole shot. I didn't see the ball and just stuck my hands out and the ball just fell and I just ran to the endzone. I saw the safety in my peripheral and I knew he wasn't going to catch me. I didn't know where the corner was, but I figured the safety was further than the corner."

On the game in general
"We come out here and play our hardest. We just have to execute more. We have to practice and get better during the week."

On Louisiana-Lafayette
"They ran what we figured they would run. They ran zone coverage. There was no man coverage."


On playing at home
"It was a huge deal coming home. There were tons of people in the stadium."

On his interception
"The interception was great, but I had forgotten about because of how the game went. It is not about me, it is about the team."

On coming back from injury
"It was nice to come back. This is a really aggravating injury. Hopefully next week I'll be at 100 percent."

On the game in general
"I thought in the first half we played really well on defense. There just a couple big plays here and there, but we were ready. The second half they (ULL) just grinded us down. We just need to play better on all phases of the game."


On the game
"They came out and showed us what we saw on defense, but they blitzed us way more than what they showed on film. That was kind of an issue early, but then we got it straighten out. We started getting the hang of it after the first quarter."

On the touchdown pass to Shackleford
"It was a called short route to get the first down, but their corner was really aggressive with his eyes inside and Justyn (Shackleford) did a nice job and slipped outside of him and went straight down the field. He made a nice catch and a great run."

On the interception returned for a touchdown
"All interceptions are frustrating. The fact that it was an interception and that it was returned for a touchdown makes it even more frustrating. It was a good play call given the situation. The linebacker made a nice play and I should have thrown a better pass."

Are there any positives to take away from this game
"We ran the ball well. We were very effective running the football tonight and that is huge positive tonight. Our offensive line did well and Rob Kelley ran extremely hard and Orleans did also."

On what happened in the third quarter
"I don't think you can pinpoint a play. They got the ball and went right down and scored. We needed to answer right away and we didn't really do that. We sputtered at times offensively. It is all about consistency."