Quotes From Tulane's 33-28 Loss To SMU



Sept. 30, 2006

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HEAD COACH Chris Scelfo

Opening Statement
"It looked like two different football teams out there first half to second half offensively. Give SMU credit they won the football game. We were underdogs coming in and we played like it early on. We didn't block anyone on offense, we had four, or five, or six three-and-outs. We dropped passes. It's a game we can learn from it and make the corrections and get ready for next week."

On the fake punt attempt in the first quarter
"I cost us a touchdown. I gave them the ball on the six yard line with the fake punt. You can't do that in a game like this obviously. That we were going to be wide open and run for a long time. It was wide open and he was going to run for a long way."

On his team's response in the second half
"I was proud of the way we fought back. Offensively, at halftime, there were some things that had to be corrected and we got them corrected and the offense showed up in the second half. I think the true offense showed up."

On the team's defensive performance
"Defensively, I felt we ran out of gas. In the fourth quarter, we couldn't tackle and were having trouble getting lined up."


On his frustration due to dropped passes by receivers
"It's not that frustrating. Just like they drop balls, I make bad throws. Everyone plays a part in the loss, you can't blame receivers, (or) offensive line. It's a team effort. To sit here and say receivers didn't catch the ball, I thought they played a great game."

On if tonight's loss was harder then last week's defeat at LSU
"For me, a loss is a loss whether you get beat 80-0 or whether you lose by a point. We're just going to back out there make corrections. We're going to play a better game next week. That is just how our team is built. The situation with last year, we're just going to put it behind us as best we can. We're not going to walk around campus and hold out heads down. Just get back at it next week.



On his struggles early in the game
"I had butterflies because you want to do so well and so at the beginning of the game you kind of press and make mistakes you don't normally make. "

On the fake punt in the first quarter
"I thought it was a first down, you just have to bounce back and keep playing."

On how he felt when backup quarterback Anthony Scelfo entered the game
"I know we just wanted to create a spark, an opportunity. I had been running the ball a lot the last couple of weeks. Anthony does a great job. Of course, I want to be in, in that situation. It's part of being a competitor. I broke my wrist sophomore year and I still wanted to play with a cast on."

WIDE RECEIVER Damarcus Davis

On the crowd at tonight's game
"It was great. The students came out to support us. I saw some families came out to support us. It's just unfortunate that things happened the way they did. Wish we could have got a win for them."

On the offense's struggles early in the game
"We just started to execute. We started to throw the ball better, started to catch the ball better, started blocking a whole lot better. It was a big part, the interception kind of got things going. We wish we could have finished some drives in the first half and even in the third quarter."

On not finishing some drives
"We talked about putting 40 points up on the scoreboard, and we left so many points out there. Right before halftime, we had the bobbled snap when I tried to ground the ball. There were just so many things that didn't work out."