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Sept. 25, 2008

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Tulane head coach Bob Toledo:
"I'm very pleased we won the football game. I just told our team that we're 1-0 in the Western Division right now and we control our own destiny. We share the lead at the top and that's what we wanted to do. We wanted to win the football game. I'm very disappointed with the second half performance. I thought we got really sloppy; we fumbled a second play of the half. We went down the field and we're on the four yard line, we get an illegal procedure; you know, we get a 4th down play, we get a long run deep down by the goal line. We get a holding penalty. We have a couple roughing the passers at the end, so I'm disappointed in the way we played in the second, half particularly with all the penalties we had. It shouldn't have been that close of a football game and that's the thing that's disappointing. But again, we play this game to win and we won the football game."

"Andre Anderson had another workhorse day. I think he carried the ball 36 times, for over 200 yards. I thought Jeremy Williams made a couple big plays in the first half. Alan Mitchell got in there; the first time he's played this year, he made a nice touchdown after (David) Skeehan's interception."

"We got another turnover off of Josh Lumar, which was good."

"Again, I'm pleased with the fact that we won the football game but I'm not pleased with the way it turned out. We made way too many mistakes."

On if the Green Wave went into the second half more relaxed because of their big lead:
"Yeah, well, you know that's what I talked to them about at halftime. Maybe I put some bad thoughts into their head. I said, `hey, you've got to put it away. You've got to have a killer instinct and you've got to put them away.' And we didn't do that. We gave them life. And part of that is getting the big lead and just letting that edge off. Relaxing a little bit so you lose that edge. And again, the penalties just killed us."

On if the Green Wave can use this game in the future to learn how to put teams away:
"We have to learn how to win as I've mentioned all season. You have to learn how to win. You have to learn how to do it the right way. And like I said, that was too close a game. It shouldn't have been that close. We gave them too many opportunities and we have to learn from what happened tonight, no question."

On why they didn't put Nate Austin in the game on offense:
"Well, we were going to play him in the second half that was part of the problem. We were going to play him and everybody kind of relaxed a little bit and we didn't get in the game. Andre Anderson was running the ball real well. We didn't want him turning the ball over or fumbling again so we kept the guy in there that had the hot hand, and Andre ran well. I wish we could've gotten Nate (Austin) in the game, but there are more football games down the road.

On if he feels Andre Anderson is a dependable running back:
"You saw the game; I think he's very dependable. He rushed for over 200 yards. He carried the ball 36 times. That's a Matt Forte kind of night. So, I'm pleased with his conditioning and his effort. He ran just as strong into the fourth quarter as he ran at the end of the game. And that's the thing I talk about with wearing people down and running the football. If you run the football, you wear them down and they're getting tired in the second half and if we didn't turn the ball over and have as many penalties as we had then it would've been a lot different than what it was. And then again, we run the ball like we do it opens up the play-action passes and we hurt them really bad with deep play-action passes as their safety was coming up."

On how he feels the team bounced back after Saturday's game vs. ULM:
"Well, I think we bounced back pretty well and we kind of monitored what we did in practice. We didn't have it very hard this week. We shortened practices, we got them off the field and we did have to play against an offense that was different than what we've been playing against in that they wanted to throw one every down basically. And I think we got a little tired. I tried to substitute a bunch of guys on the defensive line but again, when you're running around chasing the passer you get a little fatigued. But I thought our defense did a good job. We gave up a few plays but again it was the mistakes that contributed to that score. It was the turnovers, the penalties, just the mistakes that we made."

On if he believes the team has `seen it all,' when it comes to offenses:
"No, we haven't seen it all because next week we're going to see the wishbone or triple-option from Army. So we have to change gears again and now we have to stop the running a game. Offensively, we'll probably only get the ball 10 or 11 times. Normally we get it about 13 times a game. So, again, I played against Air Force and you're on the sideline and you get frustrated because you don't have the football. They're just going to run it and run it and run it. Use up the clock and keep the game close. So we have to defend the option next week and we'll do that by starting tomorrow. We'll actually come back and have meeting and have practice tomorrow. And look a little bit at the wishbone that they're going to run and then give them Saturday and Sunday off."

"We just made too many mistakes and we're lucky to get out of the game with a win. And that's what it's all about; winning football games."

Tulane Junior Wide Receiver Jeremy Williams
"I depend on [Andre Anderson], because he keeps the safeties off of me. Once we get that running game going, the safeties don't worry about me anymore, and I've got one-on-one with the corner. Most of the time, I can beat one-on-one man. Most the time after we get the running game going pretty good, and we build play-action, then it's one-on-one. Most of the time it's a zone, or they drop guys out of the box."

Tulane Junior Running Back Andre Anderson
"That's what you look forward to as a running back: fourth quarter, running the clock out. You know you're getting the ball, and you've just got to pound it in there. That's what we pride ourselves on, is running the ball. The last two weeks we've really come out strong. We wanted to make a statement and it feels great to know you're going to be the guy who gets the ball and everyone is counting on you at the end."

"I like the power running game, running down hill, stretch plays. As the running game goes, the offense goes. Then we can run play-action and get big plays. We have to go out there and do what we do: run the ball and play physical. We structure ourselves as a power-running team, and that's what we've tried to these past couple weeks."

"We made a lot of mistakes down the stretch, and we were lucky to come out of here with a win. You have the lead, you have to protect it. You have to run the ball, run the clock. We couldn't do that too much, but once we got towards the end, we started to run the clock out. It's good to know you have a cushion to fall back on, but you want to keep adding to that [lead]."

Tulane Sophomore Quarterback Kevin Moore
"The first half was excellent. The first drive, I missed one to Jeremy, but from there, I thought we did some really good things. We got down to the goal line and couldn't punch it in, but we never punted in the first half. In the second half, I don't think we stopped moving it. If anything we shot ourselves in the foot. We had a fumble, some penalties and I threw an interception. But we were moving it. It was never a three-and-out and we punted it. We moved the ball, but we did some silly things. You can't do that, that's how we let them back in the game. But we scored enough points in the first half, and a win's a win, so we're 2-2."

On Play-Action Passing
"That's in our identity. We run the ball downhill and once we start seeing guys in the box to support the run, we play-act them and take some shots down the field. `Dre [Andre Anderson] and the [offensive] line did a great job for us, establishing the line of scrimmage for us. And when you do that, they start creeping people down and putting 7-8-9 guys in the box. When they do that, we've got great guys out there to make plays. We took advantage of it"

Tulane Senior Center Michael Parenton
"We had a stretch where we knew we were going to be at home and we had some games in which if we play our game and play well, we were going to win those games. Fortunately, two-for-two right now. We got the first two back. College football is a game of opportunities. We've got another one coming up with Army. It's a big game, it's homecoming, and that's what's ahead of us now."

SMU Head Coach June Jones
"It was really disappointing because we certainly had an opportunity to win a road game. I don't understand why we got so uptight being in a game that we had a shot at winning. There was nothing to be uptight about we might as well of had some fun and catch the ball."

On First Half Drops
"We catch the ball pretty good in practice, but we still didn't catch it in the first half."

On Tulane's Long Passing Gains
"They were blocking everybody and running double touch moves. It was a good game plan for that and we defended pretty well. They took advantage of some of their mistakes. We just had to rally up and make some plays; we didn't make any plays in the first half.

On How to Put Together a Full Game
"We just have to keep improving even more and keep getting better. We need to play harder at the football game."

SMU Freshman Quarterback Bo Levi Mitchell
"It's frustrating making elementary mistakes [in the first half], misreads, missed blocks, dropped passes, badly thrown balls. That's the frustrating part. We all know we've got to wake up earlier. First half of every single game, we come out middle of the second quarter and just pick it up. Then the second half comes and we lose that momentum and have to pick it up again. Really, we just have to get out there and get it from the get go."

On Second Half Adjustments
"We don't change anything to be honest with you. They were just going to keep doing their same thing, and we were going to keep doing our same thing. We just came out in the second half and executed better. We kind of set ourselves back with some stupid play. But overall, I think we had pretty good second half."

On Long Vertical Gains
"It was something we saw that was going to be open, so we had to take advantage of it. They did a great job covering it once we hit it a couple times. That's what good teams do."

On How to Put Together a Full Game
"Everybody has to get out there and do their own job and not try to do too much. The interception at the end of the game, I just tried to do too much myself. I made the read, I just threw the wrong pass. That's just obvious stuff that everyone has to fix themselves. Missed tackles, everything like that. Everybody has to step up, do the simple things and get it done."