Quotes Following Tulane's 35-27 Win Over Southeastern Louisiana



Sept. 22, 2007

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Tulane 35, Southeastern La. 27
Tulane Game 3
Louisiana Superdome
New Orleans, La.



Opening Statement
"I'm proud of our football team. Our goal this week was to be physical, and to come out and run the football, and that's just what we did - we ran the football, and we stopped their run.

On the performance of senior running back Matt Forté
"We knew that Matt was going to get a lot of carries. I didn't think that it was going to be 40 carries, and I didn't think that he was going to score five touchdowns on more than 300 yards, either. I think he did a good job, and our guys came out emotional in the first half, and did so again in the second half. Our plan was to pound the rock, and I think we really broke them down towards the end of the second half."

On letting Southeastern Louisiana hang around
"I do think we gave them opportunities. Our center went the wrong way on a punt, the punt got blocked and they got a touchdown off of it. We had two interceptions and two fumbles, and gave them opportunities, and that's what made it a close game."

On changing quarterbacks in the third quarter
"I felt like we were sputtering and needed a spark, and Scott (Elliott) threw an interception, and I felt like it was time for me to make a change. I'm not going to think about right now who I start next week, (offensive coordinator/quarterback coach) Dan Dodd and I will sit down and evaluate that after we watch the video, and we will sit down and decide that early next week.

On play-calling in the second half
"We felt that we were defending the run pretty well, but that we wanted to put more pressure on the quarterback. So we started to elevate the pressure. On offense, we just continued to pound the ball at them."




On tonight's record-breaking performance
"That was the whole game plan. Out of the first 12 scripted plays, 10 of them were running. I knew going into the game we were going to run it a lot. I had that on my mind and I practiced hard the whole week to prepare for that and I showed up on the field."

On defensive adjustments after halftime
"At halftime we just knew we had to stop the run, we pretty much were stopping the screens. We just had to stop the zones and the stretches. We had to get people in the gaps and contain our side. That's really all the adjustments we made at halftime. We just picked up our intensity and finished the game out."

On realizing he broke two school records
"Towards the end of the game, a few people told me I was getting close, but I didn't pay attention to that during the game, I was just trying to run the ball. I'd rather get a win with 10 yards, than a loss with 300 (yards)."



On Tulane running back Matt Forté
"Matt Forte is a good running back. I tip my hat to the kid, he ran hard."

On the difference in the second half
"We ended up with a lot of guys tired. We have a lot of guys playing on special teams that are starters. Those extra 22 scholarships make a big difference when it comes to special teams. I've got all of my starting linebackers on the punt team and the kickoff return team and those kinds of things. We got tired in the second half. We had a couple guys cramping up. Forte was just catching his second wind and he just ran over us. They were running to the strong side, and we've got Ryan Anderson playing over there - he's a true freshman. They did a very good job with their offensive line creating some seams over there. A lot of it was cutback stuff where he would start one way and cut all the way back across. We missed a ton of tackles; he ran through a ton of tackles."

On his team's mood at halftime
"We were fired up at halftime, and had a good halftime. We've got to play smarter. We did a couple of things - catching that punt on the three yard line - we work on that stuff every day. We work on kill punts - killing the ball down there - and Donald Frazier, it was a perfect punt and he lets the ball roll into the endzone. Those things are critical mistakes in a close football game and we can't do those. We've got to play smarter in the special teams."

On the 63-yard touchdown pass to Merrick Lanaux
"It was a big play. [Offensive coordinator] Tommy [Condell] saw some things that they did in their coverage during the week that he felt like we could pick on. He set it up and it was there; great throw."

On the outcome of the game
"It's a winnable ballgame. Now we're sitting here at 1-3 where we could have been 2-2. We're going to go back and look at the tape and see things, and say, `Wow, we were really close to this or really close to that.' It's going to be frustrating because the kids play hard."


On playing hard to the end in this game
"It gives you a lot. The defense executed and we played great. That guy at running back, he can play. We don't sweat it. Our guys played great; we had a lot of young guys out there. Offensively, especially me, I know I missed some plays, but we got right back in it. There isn't much you can say; we should have won that game. We've just got to go back to draw."