Quotes Following Football's 49-10 C-USA Win At UAB



Sept. 17, 2011

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Tulane 49, UAB 10
Tulane Game 3
Legion Field
Birmingham, Ala.



Overall thoughts on the game
"It was really a total team effort. Defensively we played extremely well. We had three turnovers on defense, two went for touchdowns, and we got off the field. We made some big plays. The interceptions were huge. Offensively we made some big plays in the passing game and the running game. We caught the ball well, threw the ball well and blocked well. We did everything well with the exception of our kickoff team. We didn't cover the kicks as well, and we have to work on that."

On Tulane overcoming its slow start to the game
"You've got to overcome adversity. Bad things are going to happen during the course of the game, but you have to quit saying, `here we go again,' and just go play. We played well this week. A week ago we were disastrous, and hopefully we have learned from those mistakes and will continue to get better."

On the performance of the Green Wave offense
"The offense ran the ball well, we protected the quarterback and Ryan (Griffin) threw the ball extremely well and made some big plays. Overall, I'm very pleased with our performance today."


On Tulane winning by a lopsided margin
"This was a team win and the key for us were turnovers and just getting off the field. We played great defensively and got their offense off the field. Our offense played great as well. I think we limited them to three total snaps in the first quarter. We gave up three points defensively and a touchdown on special teams, but overall we worked together as a full unit today."

On Tulane responding after last week's loss to Tulsa
"It's great bouncing back after last week. Last week was a tough loss and we lost to a really good team, so this is a great way to respond and we have to keep playing like this every week. We need to limit our mistakes and dominate our opponent."


Overall thoughts on the game
"It was a great win for us. We put it together in all three areas: offense, defense and special teams, with the exception of UAB's lone touchdown early on. I think a lot of the credit goes to the offensive line. They did a great job and set the tone for the offense. By them opening the holes in the running game made it so much easier to throw the ball. I was able to take what the defense gave me and I think we only threw long down the field three times. Our receivers were able to catch the ball and make the defenders miss tackles. This was a great team effort."



Opening statement
"Just like I told the team and the staff, this one is me. I did a poor job getting them ready. We will come to work to evaluate what we are doing and see what we need to correct and see if we can get better."

On Bryan Ellis' injury
"I don't know at this time"

On Tulane having a good game
"I think we were just getting whipped in every phase. Again I have to do a better job preparing."

On team's preparation leading up to the game
"I thought we were, but again I have done a poor job getting our guys ready for this game. I did not see this coming what so ever."

On the team's defensive struggles
"Well we didn't do a lot of things offensively either. I don't think we scored a touchdown offensively just on the kick return. We did some things in the kicking game but overall it was just not good. Again I'm responsible."

On Elliot Henigan
"It look like Elliot did some things, but we need all 11 guys going to the ball and make sure our defensive line of scrimmage is not getting pushed back."


On the lack of momentum offensively
"I thought at least the kickoff return [for a touchdown] would bounce us back in the game and get us hyped up, but we couldn't get momentum from anything. I thought we would have some momentum after a defensive stop, but that didn't work either. There are a lot of things we have to work on."

On his kickoff return for a touchdown
"I can honestly say that was best the blocking since I've been here at UAB. Sam Accursio, Jordan Longoria, Patrick Bastien and D.J. Vinson basically sprung me. It was some perfect blocking."


On what went wrong defensively
"We just couldn't stop [Tulane]. They were more physical than us and we just couldn't make the plays that were there. We were in the right spots every time, we just didn't tackle and they ran over us."

On being the field to long as a defense
"It's still our fault too because we didn't get the three and outs that we should have made. I felt like we got them on third down a lot, but they just kept converting. That's our fault too, nothing against the offense."

On Coach Callaway taking the blame for the loss
"He can't take all the blame. Both sides of the ball didn't come out ready to play I guess. We just have to look forward to next week and have a great week of practice."


About the Tulane offense
"They grinded it out and we didn't man up to the challenge. They blew us off the ball and their offensive line was able to get to the linebackers like every play. We need to man up."