Q&A With Brandon Brown

TULANEGREENWAVE.COM Brandon Brown has learned to take basketball more seriously in college.
Brandon Brown has learned to take basketball more seriously in college.

Dec. 1, 2001

NEW ORLEANS, La. - A Louisiana native from Terrebonne High in Houma, junior with Brandon Brown is one of the top players on the Tulane men's basketball squad. Last season, he averaged 11.8 points and 6.6 rebounds per game. This year, his relentless work ethic and ever-improving game will be keys to the success of the Green Wave.

Most memorable experience in athletics: My high school [Terrebonne] beat the No. 1 school in the state, Istrouma High School from Baton Rouge, in the first round of the playoffs.

How has being a student-athlete helped or changed you? It taught me to be more serious about the sport and using my brains for my schoolwork. It has made me be much more mature and to take things in life more seriously.

Major: Sociology.

If you could play another sport at Tulane, it would be: Football, I have always wanted to play football.

What would you like to do after you graduate: If God will let me, I hope to be able to continue my basketball career after Tulane. But if not, I hope to get a good job and try to raise a family.

Why did you choose Tulane? Mostly because of the great academics and the nice basketball program, but it is also close to home and my family can come see me play.

What is your personal philosophy? "You Get It How You Live." Whatever you do, that is how you live, if you work hard on the basketball court, then you are going to work hard at life.

What has being a Tulane athlete taught you that you wouldn't have otherwise learned? How to take criticism. Coaches dish out a lot of criticism and you have to learn from it. Like Coach Finney says, "Basketball does not build character, it reveals character."

What person has had the most influence on your athletic career: It would have to be my mom. She always pushed me so I could be the player I am today.

Favorite movie: I own over 60 DVD's. My favorite one is "Independence Day." The most recent one I bought is "It's a Wonderful Life."

Favorite TV Show: Ed.

What actor would you most like to see in a movie? Will Smith or Julia Roberts.

Favorite Food: Crawfish Etouffe.

Dream Vacation Destination: London.

If you could have dinner with any three people, who would it be and why? Tupac Shakur, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Michael Jordan. They all seem like they would be interesting.

People you would like to thank: My mom, my coaches, my family, my teammates and my friends.

How do you feel about this year's Green Wave team? I feel we have a great opportunity to be a great team if we come together. We need to gel as a team and not try to be individuals. If everybody knows their own job and can sacrifice for the team, I think we can be a good overall team.

Talk about Coach Finney: Coach Finney has been real tough on us, he expects so much of us. He does not accept anything less. He would not yell at us if he did not think we were good players. He teaches fundamentals as well as a lot of other things, but he knows good players when he sees them, and he really wants the best of us.

Do you like your reputation as a workhorse, blue-collar player? No, I do not. There is so much more that I do. I think I have a good overall game. It is not my fault that I work hard and that is all that people see. I have a nice J, I have some other moves, I think I play defense pretty well. People think I am just a garbage man, but colleges don't recruit garbage men, you need other skills along with that.