Where are they now? Jonathan Citrin

Jonathan Citrin

Nov. 17, 2009

Name: Jonathan Citrin
Sport: Men's Basketball
What year did you graduate? 1998

1. Where do you currently reside? Birmingham, MI

2. What is your current profession? Investment Advisor & Consultant

3. What is your fondest memory of your athletic career at Tulane? Playing at Cincinnati for the Conference USA championship. Their crowd was hostile, the game was intense, and both teams wanted it badly. Though we didn't prevail that evening, it was a true test of our closeness and perseverance- we stuck together and rebounded to make it to the final four of the NIT.

4. Do you still keep in contact with your former teammates? As much as possible. It is great to see some of the guys doing so well. I've lost touch with many, but Facebook has actually enabled me to reconnect. I hope they are playing more basketball than I am.

5. What advice would you give to the current student athletes? Enjoy your time with each other- there is very little that will ever compare to the camaraderie and excitement you are experiencing. The practices, the competition, the tough workouts, the victories! College itself is special, let alone being on an athletic team representing the entire University. It is a very extraordinary thing- take pride in it and definitely enjoy!!

6. Do you still play your sport? While I don't play much basketball anymore, I participate in many marathons and endurance events. My knees won't let me play hoops much, so I have replaced it with less impactful sports. Though, every once in a while, I get on the court and think of my teammates and Tulane!

7. Which student athlete, past or present, would you have liked to have had on your team? And Why? Grace Daley. She was quick and hated to lose. A real competitor. And, she beat me at one-on-one!!



8. Who is your favorite all time Tulane student athlete? Dylan Osean- talent, smarts, drive, determination. I enjoyed watching him play and compete. He was humble on the court, and made people pay for underestimating him. It was an honor to have played with him!

9. Who was the toughest opponent you faced? We played many tough teams, with many favorable outcomes. But, perhaps the toughest was playing at South Florida- Id never met fans that rough. Their team wasn't our biggest challenger, but those fans... wow, they were brutal.

10. What is your fondest memory of Tulane / New Orleans? Definitely the people. I met so many incredible people and friends. New Orleans and Tulane truly attract the best. From my former roommates to campus friends- New Orleans has incredible people and personality. In fact, I visited campus a few years ago. On returning to Bruff Commons to reminisce, I ran into Ms. Grace. And... she remembered me!! Tulane is a big family, particularly the athletic department- everyone supports one another.