Fall Semester Brings Academic Success For Tulane Student-Athletes



Feb. 26, 2002

The fall numbers are in and the results are outstanding. For the fall 2001 semester, Tulane student-athletes as a group achieved unprecedented successes in the classroom, ensuring that the Green Wave's standing as one of the top academic athletic programs in the country is secure.

The statistics are remarkable. Forty-one (41) percent of Tulane student-athletes qualified for the athletic department's "Scholar-Athlete" List for the fall term, with a semester grade point average of 3.0 or above. That is 107 total "Scholar-Athletes." Taking it one step further, nearly half of those 107 - 52 - also qualified for the University's Dean's List.

And at the highest levels of academic achievement, six student-athletes from five Tulane programs - Gerald Clark (baseball), Maiko Cook (women's tennis), Carolin Landmann (women's golf), Rebecca Mauldin (women's track & field), Ellen Vollmers (women's track & field) and Britt Themann (women's basketball) - posted perfect 4.0 grade point averages this fall.

"Our student-athletes certainly distinguished themselves in great numbers last semester," said Cynthia Reynolds, Tulane Assistant Athletic Director for Student Services. "It was a banner semester and the credit goes primarily to the student-athletes, but also to the coaching staffs and to the student services staff for supporting their academic efforts."

The academic success was not limited to the names on the Scholar-Athlete list alone. Tulane's combined team gpa's are also on the rise. In the fall, 10 of Tulane's 12 sports programs, including two of the most successful and competitive teams on the field, baseball and women's basketball, posted combined grade point averages of 2.9 or above. Baseball tallied a 3.00 semester gpa and women's basketball checked in at 3.13.

Overall, the Green Wave women's tennis team led the way with a combined gpa of 3.57. They were followed closely by the Green Wave golf programs, with the women's team checking in at 3.45 and the men at a 3.31 grade point average for the fall semester. Of the 11 players on Tom Shaw's men's golf roster this fall, nine were on the Scholar-Athlete list.

The fall semester was not an aberration, either. Ten Tulane sports programs have a cumulative grade point average of 2.8 or above, while five teams' athletes combine to average above a 3.0 for their collegiate careers. Once again, women's tennis leads the way with a cumulative combined grade point average of 3.46. They are followed by the women's golf (3.38) and men's golf (3.07) programs. Women's track and field and cross country (3.03) and soccer (3.02) also cracked the 3.0 mark for cumulative gpa.

"I'm extremely proud of these results because it shows an across-the-board commitment to academics by our student-athletes, coaches and academic support staff," said Tulane Athletics Director Rick Dickson. "This is an indication of the high quality of student-athlete we have here at Tulane, and of their hard work and commitment to education."

** indicates Dean's List
(4.0 gpa) indicates student had a perfect fall semester.

Michael Aubrey**
Turner Brumby**
Joey Charron**
Gerald Clark** (4.0 gpa)
Andrew Corona
Ricky Fairchild**
Anthony Giarratano
James Jurries**
Ray Liotta
Scott Madden**
Tommy Manzella
Beau Richardson**
Brad Rosenblat**
Chris Searle

Men's Basketball
Brandon Spann

Women's Basketball
Jessica Carroll
Sarah Goree
Muci Haris**
Salome Hector**
Kinya Lennix
Tymeka Moore
Kelly Nadeau**
Britt Themann** (4.0 gpa)

Alex Battard
Charles Caldwell
Jonathan Cave
Trey Godfrey
Stephen Hedemann**
Glenn Lemoine
J.P. Losman
Lane Macaluso
Antonio Mason
Patrick Ramsey
Zander Robinson
Casey Roussel
Joe Traina**
Matt Traina**
Marcus Williams
Seth Zaunbrecher

Men's Golf
Justin Adendorff**
James Griffin**
Phil Krass
Bryon McDougall
Jeff Osborn**
Bill Roach Jr.
Mike Rodrigue**
Byron Shultz
Chris Wheeler

Women's Golf
Pia Alamaki**
Marcela Gonzalez**
Lindsay Hulwick**
Carolin Landmann** (4.0 gpa)
Alexis Wooster

Suzanne French**
Caitlyn Gibson**
Jacque Gruber**
Colleen Lake**
Emily McArthur**
Brook Parker**
Tracey Powers**
Mandy Schumacher**
Asia Simons**
Kelley Smith**
Megan Stack
Alycia Wanat**
Natalie Wright

Men's Tennis
Brad Cinalli Tatsuhiro Ishii
Michael Kogan
Jorge Lievano
Hannu Piiroinen
Mattias Westerberg**

Women's Tennis
Anneli Axaster Joyce Bergman**
Maiko Cook** (4.0 gpa)
Karen Duchin
Julie Morris**
Lucy Wood**

Men's Track & Field/Cross Country
Philip Aagaard**
Erik Emilsson**
Ryan Gallagher
Anthony Lagat
Alex Lakhanpal**
Adam Leskis

Women's Track & Field/Cross Country
Moji Alade**
Catherine Betz
Lyndie Galka**
Katrina Gemmell
Asha James
Jelena Jurlina
Shelby King
Helmi Leppanen**
Eva Lustigova
Theresa Maru
Rebecca Mauldin** (4.0 gpa)
Lissie Mo**
Kristine Urban
Ellen Vollmers** (4.0 gpa)
Megan Whelton
Tahira Wiggins**

Katie Case**
Karlyn Daly
Deva Fowler
Iman Houston**
Paige Licklider
Lindsey Norman
Masharika Prejean