Brandon Spann Writes About the Green Wave

TULANEGREENWAVE.COM Brandon Spann is leading the Green Wave with 17.8 points per game.
Brandon Spann is leading the Green Wave with 17.8 points per game.

Jan. 15, 2001

Brandon Spann, a 6-0 sophomore guard, currently leads Tulane University in scoring with 17.8 points per game. He has scored over 20 points seven times this season and currently ranks in the top four in Conference USA in five different categories: scoring (4th), assists (2nd), steals (1st), free throw percentage (2nd), and three-pointers made per game (4th). As a freshman, Spann played in 27 games, but saw just 237 minutes of action, scoring 84 points with 27 rebounds, 22 assists, and 14 steals. This season, the New Orleans, La., native has 255 points, 46 rebounds, 75 assists, and 36 steals in 502 minutes of action.

Brandon Spann: "I think the team did real well in the non-conference portion of our schedule. We have been learning to come together, but it has been a challenge playing together. Everyone can play, but keeping everyone happy and getting us all to play together is a challenge. It is not just my job to keep the other four guys on the court happy, but it is everybody's job to keep everybody else happy. It is making us closer knowing that we have to look out for each other, and all of us trying to make each other happy, and comfortable, and more relaxed.

This year has been a lot of fun for me because I have been playing a lot of minutes [35.1 per game]. It has not been tough at all, it is what I love to do. I love to play, I would never complain about playing too many minutes.

I think one negative thing about this team so far has been our communication. We have had some tough times communicating as a team. The coaches have really done a good job with that, because we feed off of them as far as all of their positive energy. We look to them for a lot of guidance, both on and off the floor. We know we will play some bad games, we are a young team and we don't know what to expect sometimes. We have not been through it all before, but our coaches have, and we expect a lot from them. They guide us and we look to them to help us with our inexperience.

As far as the coaches, they have been great. It has been a real challenge, because they are never satisfied. But that is what you need to be successful. You need to be always eager to improve and always ready to improve.

I want to keep improving and our coaches are helping me do that through individual workouts and practice. But my big goal is to get to the tournament. That is it. I never really set any individual goals, because it doesn't matter. It is all about what your team does, what Tulane does. When you see your record, you see Tulane's record, you don't see Brandon Spann's record, or Ledaryl Billingsley's record. It is Tulane's record, the team. My individual goal is for our team to get to the NCAA Tournament.

I am hoping that this team can click together. We have not really had a game where everything clicked at the same time. It's always been one half where we play well, or myself and L.D. [Ledaryl Billingsley] play well, or Linton and B. Brown [Brandon Brown] play well, but not all of us together. Like against Louisville, L.D. shot like 80 percent from the free throw line, but everybody else missed their free throws. Even though we have not all come together at once yet, that is something I feel good about -- I know that once we get everything to click, we have the potential to be real good.

One New Year's resolution that I have made is about my family. Everybody knows I am really tight with my family, but a resolution for me is to continue to let my relationship with my family grow and let that continue to be the backbone of who I am and the type of person I am. I want to become a better family person, better than what I am.

One final thing is that I hear that Coach Williamson is being called one of the best dressed assistant coaches in the country. I can understand that. He is smooth, he's an old-school guy. He's living in the eighties, but you have to like that about him, he's an eighties guy. Coach Masiello should be up there, too, but you have to go with Williamson, he's an old school Al B. Sure kind of guy and he rolls with that. You've got to roll with Coach Williamson as an old school, New Edition type