Quotes from Tulane Baseball Against Nicholls State



April 3, 2013

Tulane Baseball vs. Nicholls State 4/2/13

Head Coach Rick Jones

Opening Statement
"I think we're a better club than we're showing right now. We got down. We left a couple of balls up early, we got down a couple of runs. When that happens, it takes away some things that you can do offensively. Even though we played errorless baseball and they made a couple of errors, I thought they still made some great defensive plays. We didn't hit a whole lot of balls hard and we didn't bunch hits. We had seven hits and we didn't bunch them until late. I thought we had good at-bats late. But I just refuse to believe that we are not a better ball club than this. We are going to keep working, I'm not giving in to this. We are going to keep working."

On having runners in scoring position
"That's what I was saying about not bunching hits. I think when we get down sometimes in the game, some of our seniors are pressing a little bit. I keep saying that because I keep seeing it happen. When offensive numbers have dropped off 80-100 points on a guy, you know that he's a better player than that. He's a better hitter, he's shown that. We've had that happen to 2,3,4 guys that we count on. With our pitching situation, we have to swing the bat better; especially in these middle of the week games when we have guys who are down and are going to stay down."

On what he can do as a coach
"I can't put hands on them and make them healthy. We found out today Alex Massey won't be able to play catch for another three weeks. That's our Sunday guy. If you look at the difference in us with David Napoli the last two weekends on Sunday vs. when David Napoli was out. He gave us a great outing, threw seven innings. And it doesn't deplete your bullpen when that happens. Andrew Reeves maybe we'll have back in a couple of weeks, but I've been saying a couple of weeks for a couple of months. Alex Facundus, I have no idea. And Massey may not able to get back."



On Cannizaro's hard hit foul ball
"He was early. It was a hanger and he was a little early. Off the bat, you knew it was foul. Obviously he got in on the pitch, but it was foul."

LF Richard Carthon

On stranding guys on base
"It's frustrating, but we have to find a way to get it done. If you have a guy on first with no outs, there's no reason why we shouldn't get at least one run out of the inning."

On mentality as lead-off hitter
"Right now as lead off position, you're goal is to get on base however it is; whether you walk, get hit by a pitch get a hit, it doesn't matter. As long as you get on base, you did your job."

On important defensive plays
"I felt like there were a lot of plays out there, not just mine that gave us momentum and that kept us in a position to win the game. It was 2-1 for a while. We just have to find a way to get our bats going."

3b Garrett Cannizaro

On stranding runners in scoring position
"We just have to be a lot better I guess. It's what we've been saying all year. It just hasn't really clicked for us. I think tonight was the half way point of the season. It was just tough because we came out tonight with a lot of energy and played well defensively and pitched well enough to get a win. We just couldn't get enough hits together, pick up that one big hit when we needed to. Again it cost us the game."

On hard hit foul
"It's the nature of the game I guess. That's how some things go. You can't harp on it. It's over. I'd like to hit the fastball after that which I thought I could hit, but I missed it."

On lighting up after foul
"I knew it was foul. I've actually done that quite a few times this year. Sometimes it doesn't go your way and tonight definitely didn't go our way."

On keeping morale up
"You have to put it behind you and know we have a big weekend coming up at Southern Miss. It's a huge rivalry between us. It's three games that we're going up there that we're going to win and know that we can win. Flush tonight, put it behind us, get back to work tomorrow, and go into this weekend with a clear mind and a new start."

On not being down in conference
"The conference is somewhat down this year surprisingly compared to years past. Every team is beatable. We proved that already. It's a huge weekend for us, that's all there is. We're looking to get up there. erase tonight, and start fresh on Friday."