Coach Jones Quotes Following Thursday's Practice



April 3, 2008


On the weekend matchup with Conference USA foe Marshall
"I think Conference USA is the best it's ever been and Marshall is one of the reasons. They play very well and they've got some great wins under their belt. The six games that we've played them on conference play the last two years have all been - with the exception of one - have come right down to the wire. They're much improved so it'll be another challenging weekend in what has become a great baseball conference."

On the Tulane offense coming around the last few weeks
"We talked about this after we had that tough stretch early in the season. A lot of that had to do with the pitching we were facing, and the adage that good pitching beats good hitting holds true 99 percent of the time. That was just the bottom line. We haven't seen quite the same quality of pitching that we had, our hitters are starting to get more confident, seeing better pitches to hit and put some good swings on them."

On the fact that different players have had big games offensively to lead Tulane to wins
"I don't think that you win the same way every day and you have to have other guys step up. It's impossible to be great every day offensively in a sport that rewards you so much for failing 70 percent of the time. So you have to have other guys step up and pick the other guys up. When you're winning, that's what happens."

On the state of Tulane's pitching staff
"We've been concerned about that. We got a good effort out of Robby Broach last night and Shooter has been good. But we definitely need to have two things there. We have to have more consistency in the back end of our weekend rotation and we have to have more consistency in our middle relief."

On the performance of the Tulane bullpen the last two games
"The bullpen was better and that made a big difference. We scored some, too, and stretched the lead late. Both of those things gave us a little breathing room, and that hasn't happened a whole lot. When it does, it's exciting to see."



On Tulane getting a pair of wins so far in another five-game week
"The toughest thing some days is to play people who you are expected to beat. No disrespect intended, but when you look on paper, one team looks better than the other. But sometimes you have a hot hand on the mound, just like we saw last night. It's just not that easy. When you win, it's a good thing."