Postgame Quotes - Tulane vs. Texas



June 20, 2005

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Tulane Head Coach Rick Jones
(opening statement): "We just got outplayed. They played a complete game. They pitched very well and took advantage of any breakdown we had. They did a good job with the top of our lineup which has been a strength of ours this postseason."

(on being shutout): "When you get to the College World Series you're going to see real good pitching. We'd like to score more but you've got to give credit to the pitcher from Texas. I don't think our approach at the plate was bad they just pitched very well."

(on bouncing back after the loss): "I have no doubt we'll be better. This club has won too many ball games to not rebound when we do have a slip up

First baseman/Left fielder Micah Owings
(on two-out hitting): "With two outs we're not going to give in. It's an advantage for them to get the leadoff guy but we're not going to give in with two outs. We're going to keep coming at you."

Pitcher/DH Brian Bogusevic
(on striking out in the 6th): "I thought it was outside but that's because I was the batter. If they called it a strike it's a strike."

Texas Head Coach Augie Garrido
(opening statement): "I thought the pitching on both sides was good, the defense was strong and there was timely hitting. We each left eight runners on base. I think the difference on the offensive side was the hits with runners in scoring position, and we even had an extra base hit with a runner in scoring position. That's what separated us in the game. The leadoff hitter got on base and we did a good job advancing the runners."

(about starting pitcher Kyle McCullouch's performance): "The best thing I think he did was establish himself. He got ahead in the count and took advantage of it. He got ahead in the strike zone. Kyle was very consistent. He was getting ahead in the count and pitching outside of the zone. When he got ahead in the count at 3-2 or 2-2, he threw a strike."



Texas starting pitcher Kyle McCulloch
(about his performance): "Guess the ball just bounced my way. When we got guys on base, it worked out a little better tonight."

(about his team's defense): "Unbelievable the plays they were making out there. I have a defense out there. I just let the defense make plays and get outs."

(about Texas' CWS experience giving the team an advantage): "The only advantage is we might be more relaxed than the other teams because we've been here before. We're trying to play our own game."

Texas third baseman David Maroul
(about his 2-of-4 performance tonight): "I was more relaxed than usual. I saw the ball better than I did lately."

Texas right fielder Nick Peoples
(about his role as a leadoff hitter): "My job as a leadoff hitter is to get runners on base. It doesn't have to be pretty, as you saw tonight. I try to hit the ball on the ground and beat it out."