Post-Game Quotes



June 18, 2005

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Tulane Head Coach Rick Jones
(opening statement)
"It was a heck of a ballgame. It was one we had to pitch and play well defensively to stay in it and we did both. Brian's catch was big momentum turner for us. It's something we're not unaccustomed to seeing for him."

(on Oregon State team) "I liked their balance at the plate. Reminds me of our club in 2001. Their hitters are good and you have to pitch to them. Defensively they're sound and they made all the plays. They are a very solid club, well-coached and we had to play great to beat them."

Right fielder Brian Bogusevic
(on his catch with the bases loaded)
"When I saw it come off the bat I thought it could be caught. I was just out there trying to make plays. When Micah is pitching that well, anything we can do behind him defensively, we owe it to him."

Pitcher Micah Owings
(on Bogusevic's catch)
"It is one of the best catches I've ever seen. You've got to tip your hat to the defense today."

(on his hard slide into second base) "The only thing I was thinking about doing was going in hard. You're taught to go in sliding with your hands up. I wasn't intentionally trying to grab him because I'm not that type of player. I don't like to be thought of as a dirty player."

Oregon State Head Coach Pat Casey
(about his inquiry about the possible interference call at second base)
"He told me there was no contact. Between all four of them, they said there was no contact."

(about whether that call affected the game)
"I haven't seen the replay so I can't tell you if it affected the game. If there was contact and they called interference, then we would have gotten out of the inning with no runs. If there was contact, it was a big part of the game but there are a lot of things that affect the game."



(about catch in the 6th inning)
"It certainly got them going. I thought Cole (Gillespie) hit the ball well. The guy made one heck of a catch."

Starting Pitcher Jonah Nickerson
(about his pitching performance)
"I thought I had a good fastball and was changing my speeds good. I thought I was keeping them off balance most of the game. The ball in the gap I think I didn't get it in enough. I left it a little too much in the middle."

First Baseman Andy Jenkins
(about Micah Owings' pitching performance)
"I thought he had a good command of his fastball. We did not see too much of his junk. He came right at us."

(on the atmosphere)
"I was a little more nervous watching Nebraska play last night in the stands than I was today. On the field you just don't see it."

Centerfielder Jacoby Ellsbury
(about Micah Owings' pitching performance)
"I didn't make the necessary adjustments needed to make."

(on losing today)
"Obviously we're very disappointed, but it's a double elimination tournament and we only have one loss. We're not ready to go home yet."