Post-Game Quotes



June 4, 2005


"First of all we went with a 10-game winner hoping that he could find himself, and he didn't. They basically got a four-run inning early on, and that really put us behind the eight ball. We had some opportunities. I thought that Thad [Montgomery] came in and really did a great job, John Coker gave us a good start, we just couldn't score enough throughout the ballgame.

"We could have been out of the ball game in the first inning, but Thad really did a good job of calming us all down and keeping us in the game throughout.

"We had some opportunities to push across some runs, and we just couldn't get it done. They also were able to build on that early lead with some home runs in the middle innings, which really helped towards the end of the game.

"We knew going in that it was a gamble [going with pitcher Kevin Ardoin], but we felt that with [Austin Faught] too tender, it was best to go with a 10-game winner and hope that he would show up, it's just been a bad month of May for Kevin, and we gave up four runs, and never really recovered.

"The big thing that really hurt us throughout the game were the home runs. I felt that if any of those balls had stayed in the park we had a chance to slowly claw our way back, and make our way from there, but you have to give them credit. We had the bases loaded with no one out, and didn't get enough runs out of that situation. That's what you have to do if you want to get to Omaha is step up and hit those balls out of the ball park, and they did that, and we left some runners on throughout the ball game where we had opportunities and failed to do it."


"We came out very flat today and did not play very well. I don't want to take anything away from the ULL pitchers, but we had some mental mistakes and did not have the life that we did last night. It's difficult to win at this level if you can't bring your 'A' game every day. When I evaluate everything these kids did - and we accomplished a great deal during this year, to be one of the 64 teams in this tournament - hopefully our young kids will learn a great deal from this experience, and come back and get better.



"Again today like yesterday, when our pitchers got two strikes on a batter, we couldn't put them away. You can get two strikes on a batter, but you've got to be able to get that out, and we just didn't do it. At this level, you have to be able to make quality pitches with two strikes to have any chance of winning.


"When the pitcher makes a mental mistake, it's easy [to steal home]. The surprise of it made him slow his windup, and he really didn't know what to do. You hate to see that from a senior, but it occurred, and that's part of baseball. This wasn't the first time it happened. I've lost a game on a steal of home before.


"He had control of the strike zone, he got ahead and he did a good job of keeping us off balance.


Givens had a bad groin pull. I really debated whether we should start Givens or Bayless, but Givens had gotten it done for us all year and deserved to start, so I went with him. When he got injured, Bayless really came in and shut them down pretty good. He then also had a strain in his groin, and we didn't want to change anything, so we also got him.


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