Post-Game Quotes



June 3, 2005


"The game seemed to last two days. We're glad it's over with and glad we survived it. The good thing is we swung the bat better than we have in quite some time and held on. Obviously, we would like to not have to use three pitchers, but we were just trying to win the game. But we swung the bat better. I thought we were all a little uptight early. Hopefully we'll settle down tomorrow, play more relaxed, continue hitting, and all those little things."

(On Shaking Up The Lineup For Friday's Game)

"The scouting report was that (Louisiana-Lafayette starter Kevin) Ardoin threw a ton of sliders and we were trying to mix in some left handed bats so he wouldn't keep facing guys that were right handed and guys who had trouble with it. I guess the last game we played against Mississippi, they ran a left-hander up there and kept him down so I felt good about that. Then we stuck (Matt) Grooms in there just to get another left handed bat with that slider running into him."

(On Playing Tulane)

"It's a great challenge. That's the No. 1 team in the country and rightly so. I got to see them play a little bit today. I'll watch them on video. I know they've got some good looking athletes out there. I was out in the outfield, and those three guys in the outfield looked like horses that ran in the Preakness. Big long legs, thick, nice bodies, could hit, run and throw."

(On Who Alabama Is Going To Throw On Saturday)

"I really don't know. We're going to sleep on that one because really and truly, everyone talked about Tulane, Tulane. We had to get past Lafayette, and they were very, very tough. I was going to watch some video tonight. I've got some scouting reports, but I've never seen them (live). So we'll see what matches up best against that lineup of theirs."