May 25, 2012

Recap |  Box Score

Head Coach R. Jones

On the defense
"We've been such a good defensive club all year, and today, too, but we made three errors. When you're fielding .980 (on the year), that's one of the reasons that we have had 38 wins, because we're so sound defensively. Of course, we were really good Wednesday night. But, today, we just did not play very well. We did not play well defensively, which is disappointing and surprising, but it happens. When you're fielding .980, sooner or later the odds are going to catch you. We didn't string together enough quality at bats, but you have to give credit to (UAB pitcher Chase Mallard), especially the way the game started. We just didn't pitch as well as we needed to in some spots. The bottom line is defensively, we had too many breakdowns."

On pitcher A. Reeves
"His mechanics weren't there today. That's why I went and got him early. When you have the depth in the bullpen that we have, and you're in this kind of situation, and you know you're only playing one more tomorrow, you go to the bullpen, and I thought Kyle (McKenzie) did an admiral job. But Andrew struggled with his command and that's something that, with the exception of one inning, he hasn't dealt with. He was struggling not only with his command, as far as balls and strikes, but he was struggling with hitting his sports in the strike zone."

Starting Pitcher A. Reeves

On his outing
"It was one of those days. I didn't have it. I felt good leading up to the game. But once I got out there, I had control issues. I didn't know where (the ball) was going. I couldn't get in a rhythm. It was tough. I was battling from behind what seemed like every hitter. It's tough to be successful where you keep getting behind in the count."

"It's a tough one to swallow because you look forward to it all week. You think you're ready to go and you're doing everything you possibly can to make sure you're ready to go. And to get out there and pitch that way, you wish you had an answer for it. I just didn't really know where it was going."




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