Quotes Following Baseball's 8-7 C-USA Tourney Loss To Marshall



May 24, 2008




On the way the game unfolded
"Jared (Dyer)'s trying as hard as he can out there, but it just didn't get done. Those are the kinds of things that can help you or hurt you. It's about execution. (In this game, mistakes) are magnified more, amplified more when they happen late in a game like this when it's so close, and it's late you remember them lot more. They're a lot more fresh. But, the reward when you do it right, too, is something you remember more. For the most part this year, we have been a very, very good bunting team sacrifice-wise. Probably the best we've had in a long time. It doesn't always translate into victories, but it puts you into position where you can score runs, and that's what we were trying to do late."

On what happened with the wild pitch at the end of the game
"The ball just got away from him (Rob Segedin) a little bit. It was up and in, and it got out and glanced off of Jared's mitt. The one thing you hope never would happen, is that with the No. 9 hitter at the plate, you're in pretty good position - if you've got to be in that position - with a good arm on the mound who's been in that situation several times and is confident, and you've got the nine hitter. So, you get out of that and you turn the momentum. The one thing you hope doesn't happen, happens and a ball that we can't (field) came up."

On his team's chances of getting into the NCAA Regional
"We looked before - there's not a projection anywhere that we saw that doesn't have us a solid in prior to. Every single one - nobody has us even close to the bubble. Not even close to the bubble. So, I don't know what that means because we're not the eight guys in that room. That means when they use that criteria across the board that they grade you in every single thing - positives and negatives, whatever - we didn't have any of those red flags. So that's why they had us solid-in. I'd be very disappointed if that wasn't the case. I believe it is, I believe it was before the game today. But at the same time, I'm not one of those eight guys in the room. But, when you finish third in the league that is as strong as ours is - and it is very strong as we know - top five league in the country - and you're RPI is good, and you've got 37 wins, and some good quality wins, then I think that's very deserving. In 1997, then it was a 48-team field. We were the conference champions and had 40 wins and were left out. How political that was, I'll never know. I was shocked. You don't win the regular season and have 40 wins and not make the NCAA tournament, because we had a team that had a better RPI and finished third or fourth team in the league that year that got in - South Florida - above us, and I was completely shocked. All these cameras were in our clubhouse that day to film us talking about where we're going to a regional, and we found out about two minutes before that all of a sudden, we weren't in. I'd be very surprised if we're not in on Monday, but again, I'm not one of those eight guys in the room."



On how important it is to have momentum going in to the NCAA Regional
"I think momentum in baseball - we talk about it all the time with the next-day pitcher. I would go back to 2004, we lost four out of our last five, we were eliminated two-straight in the conference tournament in Houston, and we weren't in either ballgame. And the next week, we went to the regional at Ole Miss, and (Brian) Bogusevic beat (Tim) Lincecum - who's having a pretty good Major League start - when we played Washington, and we beat Washington, Western Kentucky and Washington again, swept the regional. Next thing you know, we're one of the final 16. So, if you look at what had happened in the 10 days prior to that, you'd say this is a club that when they get into the regional, they're not going to have a whole lot of momentum. It was the exact opposite of that. So, I don't put a whole lot of stock in that. If they give us the affirmative on Monday, then we're going to go out and as hard as we can, starting Monday afternoon, and practice fundamentals and the whole thing, and try to prepare for wherever they send us if we get in."


On losing a tough game at the end and how it compares to close defeats he has had with the football team
"We knew it was a winnable game. We're at our home, and it's an elimination game and we kept fighting and we kept battling and they answered. All these guys have put so much into it and worked so hard to get here. To lose a game - we don't want to lose any of it the way we worked and put so much into it. Now, we've just got to hope they let us in (the NCAA Regional). That's it. We'll find out on Monday."


On the emotional roller coaster of the game
"It was very tough. Throughout the whole game, it was very emotional, because we would take the lead, they would answer back. Then we'd take it again, and they would answer back. But, we had more opportunities to score and didn't."



Opening Statement
"First of all, that was a great college baseball game. Two teams fought to the end, and unfortunately, someone had to lose. My hat is off to Tulane for the way they played. It was a great game, and my best to whomever from our conference is in a Regional."

On Tulane's NCAA Tournament hopes
"Well, I think they deserve to go, especially with the strength of this conference. If you win 37 games in it, you should get it. They finished third in the conference, and if you finish third in this conference you should definitely get in."

On running game putting pressure on Tulane
"Well, it was our plan going in. We felt we could steal bags and we were successful at it. That was our game plan. We wanted to try and get good pitches to hit when we were at the plate, and work deep in the count, and in any opportunity that we could we were going to run."

On doing the little things to win
"We didn't get a bunt down, they didn't get a bunt down. It comes down to little things. In a game like that, the farther you get into tournaments, the better you have to be at the small game. Both teams were pretty good at it."


On scoring the winning run
"I was just looking for a passed ball. It was a high and tight fastball which went off the catcher's glove. As soon as I saw it get behind him, I was immediately being aggressive and going."


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