May 19, 2012

Recap |  Box Score

Head Coach R. Jones

Opening Statement
"There's no way to sugarcoat it, this is an extremely disappointing day. If someone had told me it was going to be a 10-0 score, I would have bet on us, but we didn't get out of the gates. They had a couple balls that weren't hit hard (and got down for base hits), but that's baseball. We didn't put pressure on them at all, we only had four hits, and we didn't pitch well enough. The game got away from us early. It puts us in the position where we're going to have to play well next weekend in the conference tournament. Can we still get in the NCAA (tournament)? Sure we can, but we have to play well next week in the conference tournament."

On an NCAA Tournament berth being at stake based on next weekend
"You have to play well in the field, today was just a bad day. It's not a question of us being flat, we just played bad. Everybody in our club house knows how important every game is, there was no different approach today as there was yesterday, we just didn't play well."

On if his team played tight given the circumstances
"We weren't tight. We just didn't play well, simple as that. We did not swing the bats very well, and we had an opportunity early to get some runs on the board and we didn't do that. All the sudden when you're down seven runs early, it makes everything difficult because it takes away things that you can do. It puts you in the position where you have to put up some crooked numbers. Every time it looked like we were going to get something going, we hit a double play ball or we didn't have a good at-bat. It was just one of those days that snowballed on us."

On Napoli's start
"When you run a guy out there so much, there's going to be a day where maybe he doesn't have it. Today, (David) didn't have good command of his mechanics, his mechanics were a little choppy, and it made it tough for him to make his pitches. Give them credit, they took advantage of that."

On the NCAA Tournament picture
"There's one thing I know that I have no control over and that is understanding what the NCAA committee is going to do once they get behind closed doors. Every committee can be made up differently. What we have to do is not think about that, what we have to do is think about playing better baseball. I think we need to win at least two, maybe three, in the (Conference USA) tournament, and if we do that I think we solidify ourselves. We finished third in one of the top five conferences in the country and we have 37 wins, it's not like we're having a bad year. We had a bad day."



On the end of the season:
"We've won a lot of series, that's why we're third in the league. There's a tendency to reflect on the last game sometimes. Today is a day we're going to reflect on because it was such a bitter one. We're going to go back to work on Monday morning, and then we leave for Jackson on Tuesday, and we play Wednesday. We need to shake (this loss), and remember the reason we finished third in the league is because we played better. We didn't play well today, it was just one of those days."

Bouncing back from bad losses this season
"I don't think the past every equals the future. I just think we have to play better than we played today."