Quotes Following Baseball's 8-4 Loss To LSU



April 22, 2008

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Overall thoughts on the game
"It was such a good ballgame, but it just got away from us late. Robby Broach gave us a great outing, and I probably stayed with Segedin a hitter too long. I thought his stuff was good and it was a match-up with a lefty that we felt pretty good about. That didn't work out and they stretched the lead. Early, we had some opportunities to build on our lead and we didn't take advantage of that. And we got out of a couple of situations, too, early, and kept them from doing that. I thought it was a good ballgame in which we didn't capitalize on as many RBI opportunities early in the game as we would have liked, and they stretched the lead late. That's to their credit."

On facing starting pitcher Ryan Verdugo
"They threw the guy out there with the best numbers on the team. We weren't facing an average midweek guy. We were facing a guy with their best stats, so that had something to do with it to."

On stranding 10 base runners, including five in scoring position
"That was big. If we had a big hit in one of those situations, that could have changed the complexion of the ballgame. They were able to do that late, and their bullpen did a nice job against us. I thought we had some good at-bats there to take the lead. I thought Broach pitched well and Segedin pitched well too. He probably tired a little bit. We went to him earlier than we wanted to, but he was our best available guy and I felt that if we could get out of the top of the ninth at 5-4, we would have had a good chance."

On the offensive performance by both teams tonight
"Segedin is just playing great baseball for us, and Sam had a good at-bat. He had an RBI situation early when he didn't have a good at-bat, and to his credit he came back in the same situation and hit the ball over the centerfielder's head. You like your chances there because there was one out and he was at second base. But that was all we could get. We just never stretched the lead enough to put ourselves in a position where the margin of error is not too large. Their three-hole hitter (Blake Dean) is just a good hitter, and he hurt us twice tonight."




Overall thoughts on the game
"I thought it was really a great game. It see-sawed back and forth, both teams played hard, but in the end we just came through with a couple of more clutch hits than they did. Both teams stranded some runners. Both teams had opportunities with runners on third base and less than two-outs - two or three times each. Late in the game, the difference was LeMahieu coming through with the clutch hit after Clark struck out and being able to tack on those runs in the ninth inning."

On the performance of the LSU bullpen
"I thought Coleman was awesome, and then Bertuccini has been great. Verdugo gave us a good performance. It was a good solid win for us, but Tulane has a great ballclub and they're going to finish strong I'm sure."