April 17, 2012

Recap |  Box Score

Head Coach R. Jones

Opening Statement
"We beat a quality team tonight. Obviously their record reflects that and their RPI reflects that. To do that and get a sweep over them certainly didn't hurt us as far as coming down the stretch and certainly (didn't hurt) going into a big weekend. We knew after last weekend, we'd put ourselves in a position where now, all of a sudden, if we do our job it gives us an opportunity to build a case, a very strong case, and tonight didn't do anything but hurt us there."

On Tulane's performance in all facets
"We played well tonight defensively. You're looking at now, we've made one error in the last four or five ball games. So defensively we're making it tough for the opponents to have any advantage there as far as giving them an opportunity in the field. We pitched well tonight; (Alex) Byo was really good. DJ was real good tonight, again. We pitched well, we played well defensively, and we had thirteen hits. We didn't bunch really bunch out hits tonight and left five on in the first two innings. I've said this many times, when you're swinging the bat well and you're getting a lot of hits, you're going to leave some people on base. We knocked enough in to stretch the lead and we pitched and played defense."

On similarities to first meeting with SLU
"I'll tell you Southeastern won't go away. Their record is what it is because they're a really good club and they're really well coached. We invested what we had to invest in tonight's game and that was a quality start and the back end of our bullpen."

On the opposing starting pitcher
"I have a rule that I never get away from: I take care of my dugout and let somebody else take care of theirs. Start speculating on what they're doing, that's a different story. Let me know who's pitching and we'll try to prepare for him."

On the team's focus
"This weekend I could see a real step in the right direction as far as our resolve and our not giving in. Even when we lost a tough game on Saturday, we were fighting and clawing right down to the end and we put a lot of pressure on them. Sunday, we really came out and played with a lot of aggressiveness and positive energy. I think the same thing happened tonight. Nothing is better than being on a team that starts to get on a roll. The players realize that and they start feeding off each other and it can become contagious. Having said that, one game doesn't always equal the next game. The past never equals the future in our sport for sure; its next day's pitcher. We have a really good club coming in this weekend."

On UCF coming this weekend
"Obviously they're ranked in the top ten in one poll for a reason. They keep winning. They've got a lot of quality wins both in and out of conference and they beat Florida Atlantic tonight. They're ranked for a reason. That gives us a great opportunity if we have a good weekend, it certainly helps us in the conference and helps us in our RPI and helps us on a national stage, whatever that maybe be. All that happens if you play really well in all phases (of the game) and we need to play well this weekend like we did tonight."