Quotes Following Baseball's 4-3 Win Over Northwestern State



April 17, 2007

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His thoughts on the game
"We won because we pitched enough and played great defense - not just good, but great defense. We made every play and we made some stellar ones. You don't see better plays then the three that Seth (Henry) made. Cat Everett was as steady as he could be and we caught well behind the plate. We had two big timely hits - Emaus' was a big hit (in the fifth) and Nate Simon had a big hit (in the first)."

On the pitching performance by Matt Goebel
"Goebel did the same thing as last week. He showed his experience in the fact that he didn't let a bad inning keep him from being aggressive the next time he went out there. He threw three more eggs up on the board and kept pounding the zone and kept us in the ballgame and gave us a chance to win it. If we don't get through the sixth and to the seventh with Matty, that makes our bullpen a little more suspect. It was really good to see what he did, but that's an example of confident, experience and bright guy who knows how to pitch, is not afraid to, likes to be in competitive situations and knows how to go about it.

On closer Daniel Latham being struck in the leg by a come-backer in the eighth inning
"When you have an injury, you hold your breath until you find out. I don't think there's any question that a lot of the success we've had over not only this season but the last four, a lot of it has to do with the fact that we are in a lot better shape then most teams going into the last two innings and that's because of Daniel Latham."

On the status of the recently injured players
"That's just one of those freak things. Injuries are part of the game. That's two of our hottest hitters (Emaus and McFadden) and our preseason All-American closer (Latham), but it looks like they're all going to be able to go."




On his performance against the Demons
"I didn't feel like I had my great stuff today, but my defense played great behind me. Coach Sutter did a good job of calling the game, and my offense gave me enough runs to overcome the one rough inning that I had."

On the play of his defense today
"Coach Kingston recruits some incredible athletes, and that was on display today. You get to see some of the athleticism that we have, and that gives you comfort as a pitcher knowing that on days where you don't necessarily have your best stuff, that if you can just throw strikes and make the other team put the ball in play, that you have some guys behind you who can pick you up."

On his approach today on the mound
"Today, I didn't have my off-speed working very well so it was more about located fastballs and trying to get swings early in the count."


Thoughts on the game
"Overall, it was a pretty encouraging start by Rodriguez. He's been a guy who was really been buried in the bullpen for most of the year. After a really tough first inning, I really thought he settled in a gave us a chance. I thought we did a good job, especially early in the game of swinging the bat. When they went to their guys later in the game, we had a little tougher time doing that. Overall, it was a pretty encouraging Tuesday for us playing obviously a real quality team."

On not being able to get the run in from second base with one out in the eighth
"That's baseball. Our guy hits a ball hard back up the middle and it hits off Latham's foot. Then Emaus makes a great play at first base on the bare-handed stab. That's just baseball."

On the play of the Tulane defense
"They really threw the leather at us today. They didn't have a lot of hits, but good teams find ways to win games and they certainly did throw the leather and play great defense."