Quotes Following Baseball's 16-9 Win Over Arch-Rival LSu



April 3, 2007

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Thoughts on the game
"It was a great night for so many of our hitters, and it's one of those things where maybe it's a bust-out thing for us. Simon with three hits, Scelfo with two and four RBI, Cat with three, Brad with two and Timmy with two. Mac looked like the Mac of old. He and Emaus both. Jared Dyer had a great night, Aja had a couple of big hits early, and Jonny Weiss had a really good night both offensively and defensively.

"Again, we played really good defense, we executed our hit-and-runs, we executed our safety squeeze and we were an action team. With the exception of the one big inning, we had a great night on the mound. It was a long, emotional game, but one that I'm really excited about from an offensive standpoint. I thought Daniel (Latham) in the end looked like Daniel again, and it was fun to see him out there in what is probably his last time against these guys."

On Tulane's offensive production against LSU
"Our guys were working really hard on staying back, staying on the ball and using the field. If you saw how many balls we hit to the other way or up the middle, that's guys who stayed on the ball and were not trying to get pull-conscious. It's only one game, but tonight it was fun to watch."

On the six-run seventh by the Tigers
"They put some good swings on some balls we left up in the zone. Fortunately for us, we scored enough. You win games different ways if you're a good club. And tonight we won it with our offense and with enough pitching."


On his performance against LSU
"I felt like my breaking ball was working better for me today. I was happy with the way the offense kept battling and keeping us in the game and keeping the pressure off of me. I felt like I could get into a rhythm out there, and I actually felt stronger as the game went along. (LSU) did a good job of swinging the bat whenever I made a mistake and they put good swings on them."



On allowing three runs in the fourth inning
"I think in that inning, we had just scored a bunch of runs. I didn't do a good job of keeping myself loose physically. Sometimes, when you're in there for a long time, you start to tighten up a little bit. After that, I made sure I was more warm and loose whenever I went back out to the mound."


On his performance against LSU
"I was just seeing the ball well tonight. (Kyle Beerbohm) left that curveball up and I put a good swing on it. I happened to wait back on it. I kind of knew it was coming, too, because of the way he was pitching me and Nate (Simon). He was throwing those curveballs like that, we had a feeling they were coming and I put a good swing on it."

On the team's offensive improvements over the last few weeks
"We're just hitting the ball pretty well right now. We're on a roll. If we can keep this pace up, we're going to surprise a lot of teams. Everyone is making a lot better adjustments - in-game adjustments and middle-of-an-at-bat adjustments. Everyone is confident now. Everybody expects to get hits and expects to do the job. Before it wasn't like that, but now everybody's feeling pretty good."